Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Katelyn's First Email



Well I'm here.  Thanks for all the letters!  Mommy, you seriously ask a thousand questions.  So thanks Daddy, for not asking any :)

I loooove my district!!  They are all soo funny and we all get along really well.  My companions are Hermana Rawlinson from Virginia and Hermana Thompson from Washington.  We are all a lot alike and we get along super well.  We always just laugh at ourselves, especially when we try to speak Spanish.  Like yesterday when we were teaching our investigator, we kept making up words we didn't know and he was just like, uhhh como??  It was hilarious.  But yeah, the Spanish is pretty rough.  I honestly didn't think I'd have that hard of time with it but I dooooo.  (shout out to Mari and Hope).  I have so much that I want to say but it's so hard to come up with the right way to say it in Spanish.  But I know it will come.

Yeah, I've seen 8 million people that I know here.  I'ts fun to see everyone.  Oh, my zone leader is Tanner Sorenson, Kurt and Wendie's nephew.  So that was a funny coincidence.

So today is our pday.  Obviously.  We're going to the temple this afternoon so that will be fun.  We also got to walk up to the temple on Sunday afternoon but it was cold so we didn't actually make it up to the temple.  hahaha.

The first night I slept terribly.  I could not fall alseep.  I probably only got a few hours of sleep and I had a dream that I just drove home because I couldn't sleep.  But all the rest of the nights have been good.  I have the top bunk.  I don't know why you want to know that, but there ya go.

Sorry this is all so scattered, I'm just trying to answer all your questions.  Hno Pepper served in LA I think.  The investigator is an employee, and next week he'll be our teacher and then Hno Pepper will be our investigator.

The coordinating hermana is like a zone leader for the sisters.  She definitely doesn't just talk a lot because she is nervous.  She just loves to talk.  But she's a sweetheart.

If you want to send a box, maybe send my purple keds, my stick, my silver curling iron, and some cute shirts.  I'm already sick of my clothes.

It sounds like you're having fun at Alta, Mommy.  I'm glad you got out of the dump.  I didn't have Ferguson.

Congrats on cleaning the garage.  That's exciting!

Okay I'm sick of answering questions.  Sorry, there's just too many, Mommy.  I love you though!!

So, not gonna lie, I was pretty disappointed to come to Provo.  I really wanted to go to Peru.  But the longer I've been here, the less I want to leave my district and my teachers.  All the hermanas (there's 5 total) and elders (also 5) are sooo hilarious and just awesome!  But I know that the Lord will put me where I need to be and when so I'm just going with it.

Yeah, I haven't met anyone here going to Ecuador.  Except one of the elders in my district said his cousin is going to my mission and she's in the Peru MTC right now.  So there's one person, I guess.  But yeah my whole district is going to Argentina, so I'm just the outcast.  It's fine.  They love me still.

So on Sunday I had a cool experience. Well because the first few days were extremely overwhelming.  Especially teaching the investigator.  So freaky.  Scarier than a million haunted houses. (Mari).  And our classes get super intense and I kept feeling inadequate.  So I kept asking myself, what the heck am I doing here??  It was bad. But in RS, the 1st counselor of the general primary presidency came and she showed us a video of Christ coming to the Americas and all the people coming unto Him.  And I just realized that this is why I am here.  To invite people to come and partake of that incredible happiness that comes through the Atonement of Christ.  It was an awesome experience.

Oh.  Dallin.  PAY ATTENTION IN SEMINARY!!!!  AND LEARN THE SCRIPTURE MASTERIES!!!!!  I definitely wish I would have learned those better.  They're super helpful!  Just learn all you can in seminary now, and you'll be so much better prepared for your mission.

Oh and tell all the YW thank you soooooo much for the package!!  That was sooo sweet of them!!  I felt so loved!  All of their support means so much to me :)  hahaha but they sent a bag of pirate booty and on it, it says "great for parrrrties", so sometimes my companions and I will just start talking like a pirate.  Now that I type that it doesn't sound funny but we think it is. Oh and my whole zone loves to quote nacho libre.  We find dorky ways to be entertained.  Especially not being able to dance.  Oh, that's killing me.  Sometimes I just want to shake it, ya know!  But I can't.  So it's no bueno.

Oh I'm senior companion.  So basically I'm the best.  Hahahahaha, it's definitely not even a big deal.  Our companionship is so easygoing so we haven't had to resolve any issues or anything.  So that's good.

Uhhh what else.  The food isn't that bad.  I usually eat fruit and cereal and salads and wraps.  And the occasional chocolate chip cookie because they're incredible.  And choc moo.  Only sometimes though.

Okay well I have 30 seconds left.  I love you all!  Thanks to everyone who has sent me stuff!!  The church is true and God loves us!

con mucho amor,
Hermana Bytheway

one more thing.  it's better if you send me dearelders so i can take more time for writing emails.  theres so little time!!!!!  muchas gracias :)

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