Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Week 2 at the MTC


Hiiiiiii (ask Cameron how to pronounce that)

Still no word on the visas.  I haven't met a single person going to Ecuador here.  Oh jk.  There's a worker who got her call going to Quito last week but that's it.  But I really do like it here and I wouldn't mind staying.  I've gotten really close with my companions and my district so it would be hard to leave.  But also way awesome to go to Peru.  I'll just do whatever the Lord wants me to do.

Our district has 5 hermanas and 5 elders, all of them going to Argentina but me.  All the hermanas are 19 except for Hermana Thompson, who is 20.  And then all of the elders are 19 except for Elder Young I think.  We all get along soooo well and we have a great time laughing at each other's stupid jokes.  Like calling Elder Nord "St. Ber-Nord" or saying "todo esta bien en el barrio" like it's all good in the hood.  Hahaha oh and the other day me and a few others broke out into the Arthur theme song.  Hahaha it was the best.  We all knew every single word.  Oh but Elder Nord is a character.  The other day he was like, "yeah I just can't wait to be cremated and give my ashes to a nephew that I hardly even know, along with a video that I made in like my 20s.  Ya know, a little zing from the dead."  hahaha and then we were learning about stress management and were writing a list of things that are stressful about the MTC and on his list was showering.  hahaha he cracks me up.

Oh Hermana Thompson and I like to use spanish phrases translated directly from English so they don't make like any sense.  Like "clavelo"  for "nailed it."  it's the best.  And then the other day we were learning about subjunctive and someone asked how to pronounce "mande"  so everyone was saying it and then Hermana Thompson leans over and says, "Tuesday" with a spanish accent.  It was funny.  Sorry if you don't get the humor in that.  

The food here isn't too bad.  For lunches, they have THE best chocolate chips in the world so if I get fat, I'm blaming those.  Oh but the other night, they had these nacho things that gave me gas.  But other than that, it's not too bad.

On Tuesday, we didn't make it to choir because our temple time is too late in the afternoon.  But Elder Whiting was the speaker.  He was the one who spoke last conference about temple standards.  It was cool to be in the same room with him!

The spanish is harder than I thought it would be.  Sometimes I get frustrated when we're teaching our investigator because I know what I want to say but I just can't put it into Spanish in the way that I want to.  But it's getting better!  We're learning and practicing a lot so we're improving!

So last night we had TRC where volunteers come in to be taught, usually members.  So our first one was a Chilean couple and we were just chatting with them, getting to know them, and oh, he just happens to be a member of the Seventy.  No pressure or anything.  Hahaha but he was super sweet and told us we did a great job.  The other couple was also Chilean, somehow related to the others.  But they talked soooooo fast!!!!  I don't know how I'm going to understand anyone in Ecuador.  I'll just pray.

Thanks for the package!!  You are the sweetest, Mommy :)

Yeah the laundry room is a nightmare.  There's only one so everyone is fighting for a washer.  But our companionship combines our loads so we only have to do two so that's nice.  We don't use the computers in there, we just use the ones in our classroom building later in the day.  Those are the only computers that have unlimited time and picture uploading capabilities so they're always packed.  But I'll try to get one of those soon to send you pictures.  Except I'm the DUC (kinda like DUF-designated ugly friend- but it's designated ugly companion) so my companions are all way cute and I'm just like heyyyyy I'm going to Ecuador.  It's all good though.  I have a good heart and that's all that matters.

That's exciting about Makenzie!  I didn't get a chance to say goodbye before she left.  And tell Landon congrats!

Oh happy birthday to Grandpa Solum and Brenden and Hopey and anyone else I'm forgetting!

Mommy, you don't have to send me any scarves or jewelry.  But if you wanted to send more shirts then I would be happy to get those.  I'm just sick of all mine already.

So I think I get asked if I'm related to John Bytheway at least 850 times a day.  I'm used to it but it's started to bug my companions so they just answer for me, like YES, GET OVER IT!!  Haha it's funny.  Oh but this one kid in my zone treats me like a celebrity.  It's almost awkward.  He asked me to forge John Bytheway's signature and autograph his book, which was funny though.

On Sunday, Elder Knudsen and Elder Young became our zone leaders and Elder Nord our district leader and Hermana Thompson our coordinating sister, who is basically like a sister zone leader.  So that was pretty exciting.

Oh I've been sick the past couple of days.  Just a cold.  Yesterday was the worst though.  I went through a whole box of tissues and I basically couldn't breathe all day.  I'm feeling a little bit better today  but I'm still stuffy/runny.  But don't worry, my companions are taking great care of me.
Yesterday I took lots of Vitamin C and cold medicine and instead of gym time, we took a nap.  They are the sweetest.  Hermana Thompson tied a little garbage bag to my desk so I didn't have to get up and go across the room to throw away my tissue every 2 seconds.  Haha it's pretty sweet.

That's fun that Dallin went to St. George.  Did he get my letter?  I hope so.  I sent it with Cameron and Brenden's too.  

Okay well I'm out of time.  Thanks for all the love and support and letters!  Oh and tell Alona mucho thank you for her sweet email!!!!  That seriously made me so happy to hear that from her!!

Love you all!!

Hermana Bytheway

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