Tuesday, May 20, 2014


April 28, 2014

so elder uceda came this week and it was incredible!! seriously i felt like i recieved so much of what i needed for the last 4 months of my mission.

wednesday we had a conferece with the 5 zones of guayaquil.  everything went well with singing and leading and playing the piano, and he never did interviews so it was good!  he is super loving and nice and not intimidating!  he talked a lot about obedience to the mission manual and especially never being alone for about 20 minutes and we found all the refrences aobut not being along in the MM.  i tried thinking about how that applies to not mission life and I decided it should be the same concept in a marriage and a family.  we should always be united with them to avoid any problems... dang it i cant really explain it in words but the spirit made it make sense in my head.  hahaha he also talked about our purpose.  how it´s INVITE OTHERS TO COME UNTO CHRIST.  √∂thers¨includes our family back at home, our campanion, members and non members.  our purpose is not just to baptize.  that´s why disobeident missioanries have baptisms.  inviting very much includes giving people their agency.

then that night they had the ward council with all the ward leaders.  that was awesome.  i think it got the members excited.  and then ten minutes before 9 elder uceda told president torres he could say goodbye to his √§ngles¨.  cute!!

yesterday we had the consejo de los lideres and basically the whole thing was how to work with members.  thats something that i have been struggling with becasue i feel like i dont know how and the ward here isnt too willing to help.  but he told us about how we need to have faith in the Lord´s way of doing HIs work and know that it is the best way.  He told a story about a guy selling shoes.  his boss sent him to africa to sell shoes but when he got there he saw that no one wore shoes and went back to the states saying there was a mistake.  so the boss sent a different guy and when he got there seeing no one wearing shoes, he got excited and saw that everyone was a potential client.  we need to approach our areas the same way.  when we see a weak ward we should look at it positively, excited that there is a lot of work to be done.  yesterday i recieved the answer of why i have been sent back to almendros.  and that is to strengthen the ward.  yesterday only 70 people were at sacrament meeting.  elder uceda said that we are not here to get numbers or to just baptize alone.  we are here to establish and strengthen the church.  i am so excited to work this week with the members and to reactivate families.  I know that this is what the Lord wants us to do here and will bless us as we do His will.  i know it will influence missionaries in the future when they come to this ward too.  it´s going to be hard but we´re going to do it!  if we want something we´ve never had we have to do something we´ve never done!  so there ya go.   oh he also told us how when he was trainging to become a mission president, president packer said taht one dya there would be so much wickedness in the us that south america would have to sustain the church.  that humbled me reeeeal low.  i have always been super prideful of how the church runs perfectly in the states, sometimes wishing i could be there, underestimating the power of the poeple here.

anyway.  that´s just a fraction of what i learned this past week.  i wish i could write it all.

oh an hermana in the ward gave us crab.... nassstyyyyy.  my companion was trying to get me to eat the poop juice covered insides in the head part but i was like uh uhhhh.  i ate the meat in the legs which wasnt too bad but not worth all the vaina trying to break it open.

oh my heck mayra emailed me and sent me a picture of her at the temple!!!!!!!!  she is the cuuutuest!!!!  all of the missionaries in tarqui always tell me about how she helps so so much in missionary work.  i just love her!!  the house is so pretty!!  i love it!!!  i´m glad you put a carpet rug there.  that makes me happy.  and the couches look suuuuper comfy!  i cant wait to take a nap on them :)

my companions feet are not doing well at all.  she said she thinks she wont be able to make it for 9 more months with the pain.  poor thing.  but shes so awesome.  she just wants to work so she wont call the enfermeras so she just deals with it.  pray for her feet!

just bear juan your testimony and tell him that he just needs to keep building his faith by reading, praying and going to church.  and at church he can find someone to chat with about his questions about the gospel.

mmkay well i´m out of time.  i want you to know that i have a testimony of this gospel.  i know it is true!  i know Christ is my Savior and that His authority is only found in this church.  I know that by that authority, our family is eternal.  i love you all so so much!!!

hermana bytheway

Happy Belated Easter

April 21, 2014

hey i dont know if you can send an email to my convert juan. juanesher@yahoo.com he is struggling and he needs some help but i´m not allowed to email him.  he understands english!  he just needs some encouragement.  tell him i´m not allowed to email him but i´m sending a letter through the missionaries this week.  thanks!!

yeah that was the santander family.  they left for holy week.  the whole world left on vacation this week.  so hopefully we´ll be able to see them this week.  my companion hurt her foot so we were stuck in the house a lot this week.  but we´re teaching this 18 year old jonathan and he is so cute!  it´s taken a while for him to open up to us but he´s awesome.  he´ll be baptized the 10th.

the zones make tshirts when they break records usually.

hahahahahaha i looooved hearing about easter.  i wish i could have been there!  i love how our family is.

thats crazy daddy is going to be released!! how do you feel about that daddy?  who is going to be in the new bishopric?  what is your new calling?

oh this week elder uceda, the area president is coming.  today we practiced how we are going to take pictures with him and sit in our seats and sing the songs and everything.  it reminded me of graduation practice.  i have to lead the music and play prelude and sing in a quartet so i´m kinda nervous.  and he´s going to interview 5 missionaries.... please pray he doesnt pick me.  but it will be awesome!  i´m super excited to learn from him!

mmkay well i think that´s all for this week.  thanks so much for everything!  i love you so so much!!

hermana bytheway

April 7, 2014

April 7, 2014

yeah this is a letter from manuel, the crazy guy from los esteros... hahahaha he seriuosly is a psycho.

and me and my new compy.  and my new grocery card! yay!

so we actually got to see the morning session of saturday and both sessions sunday.  the rule was that we had to bring investigators in order to watch it.  so that´s what we did.  jorge luis came to 2 and loved it so that was happy.  we also brought a joven named alfonso who accpeted a fecha there so taht was ahppy too.  conference is the best!  it makes me trunky but it´s my last one so i wont be trunky anymore here... hahaha

but i loved hearing the messages!!!  i loved hearing the testimonies of these men called of God to warn us of what is coming.  we really are in the last days and we need to prepare ourselves!!  i feel like everyone was warning us that hard times are coming but also there is hope if we live the gospel and accept Christ in our lives.

well i´m glad to see you had too much fun in disneyland so you didnt have enough time to write me.... it´s fine.....

k that baby just makes me want to die, he is so dang cute!!!!!!!  really though.  he better love me when i get back or it will break my heart.

oh just got your email.  i dont have time to respond to everything but it sounds like this past week was an adventure. hahahaha yeah i have to take those buses allll the time here to go from city to city.  not fun.

mmkay well i´m out of time.  i love you so so so much and i´m so grateful for your love and support!!

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March 31, 2014

yayyyy we had a noche blanca!!!!!  oh my lanta it was a locura but it was sooo happy!!!

so the old couple are diegos parents.  his dad mariano finally accepted to be baptized and then when he was having his interview, we were talking with his mom and she accepted to have her interview after his and so she got baptized too!!!!  it was sooooo happy and i can totally see them getting sealed in a year!!!  and diego baptized his mom and it was soooo sweet!!! it took him like 3 times pero no importa. mariano had a lil pride issue and said that sons cant baptize dads so whatever.  but his testimony was so cute and he cried and it made me cry.  it was the first time i had ever seen him show any emotion!!  his countenance has changed completely!  i remember he used to scare me a lil and he would always talk about how his virgincita has done so many miracles... haha but now he´s in the verdad!!

our little family got baptized too!  jessica, her son adrian and pedro.  the other little black boy is juancito..... the craziest child i have ever seen.  it´s the worst in sacrament meeting.  i just pretend like we´re not the ones who brought him.. hahaha.  anyway.  they are all super happy too!  adran and pedro have been fellowshipped super well by the young men.  and they all said that they felt like something left them when they got baptized.  they ahve had suuuuper rough pasts so it´s been so happy to see the gospel bless their family.

the other little girl is natazha.  she´s 10 but is super sharp!!  she´s the most excited little girl i have ever seen in my life!  i wouldnt normally baptize a 10 year old girl without anyone in her family to support her but we talked to presidente and he said that in this case it was okay.  and i´ve felt good about it like it will all work out.  but her and her little sister are theeee cutest!!  they always run up to us and give us big hugs every time we go visit them.  and the older sister is going to be baptized this week after conference! yay!  the mom is going through a super rough time.  her husband is in jail and she has this other guy that always comes to visit and that makes her home hell, is what she says.  poor lady.  but i´ve already seen the gospel helping this cute family!  yay! happy!!

anyway.  so our week was basically getting all them ready for their baptisms.  and i got sick so we didnt have much time to find lots of new people.  but yesterday in church we trained all the members how to invite their firends to conference so we´re gong to have lots more new people to teach!! yay!

basically i just love teaching the gospel.  it makes me so happy!  i am so so so happy to be here helping these people here!  i feel like here in machala i have learned the most about the kind of missionary the lord wants me to be.  so it´s good.  things are good.

consejo is council.  like ward council.  but is with all the hna and zone leaders in all the zones in the mission.  yeah im still hna leader so i have to go every month.

happy birthday to grandpa and brenden!!!!!!  :D  i´m so jealous of all the birthday festivities..... hearing about that food made my mouth water.... i´m getting tired of the food here...  especially because its making me a gordita.

OH MY GOODNESS MOTHER.  you are so TRUNKY!!!!  i didnt think it was possible for a mother of a missionary to be trunkier than the actual missionary!!  hahahahaha!

know that i am just doing great and super happy to be here!  i love my savior and i love the gospel and i love ecuadoreans!!!  :)  and i love you all too!

March 24, 2014

March 24, 2014

jessenia and dana didnt get baptized...  the week of they said they werent going to.  but i honesly think it was because they didnt have a testimony of the book of mormon.  they never read.  only when we read with them.  so when satan came around the week of the baptism, they fell.  super sad.  i seriously love them so much!!

diego is the cutest!! he is working again as a taxista and always drives us places.  and his dad is getting baptized this week!  hahaha he seriously cracks me up.

today we had consejo and it was incredible!!  seriulsy i love it everytime.  president has so much love for each one of us and especially for the work of the lord.  and this one guy from peru and one from colombia came to talk to us about family history work and it was awesome.  i just cried watching the videos the church has made thinkning about how happy it is that families can be eternal!!! yay!!! the gospel is just so happy!!  :) and the hnas from cuenca brought me a present from mayra.  she ist he cutest! i{ll take a picture and sent it next week.  and she wrote the sweetest letteR!!!  it just made me feel better, like i have actually made a difference in someones life.

hahahahaa i doubt they have bounce dryer sheets here.... i{ve never even seen a dryer in anyones houses.......... hahahahahahaha

that{s crazy makenzie came home! tell her hi from me!!!  ya you have been trunky the whole time i{ve been gone mommy.. hahahaha

Love you all! i am out of time.this is of the family we{re teaching that is going to be baptized this week!! yay!! i seriuosly love them so much!!!!!