Tuesday, May 20, 2014

April 7, 2014

April 7, 2014

yeah this is a letter from manuel, the crazy guy from los esteros... hahahaha he seriuosly is a psycho.

and me and my new compy.  and my new grocery card! yay!

so we actually got to see the morning session of saturday and both sessions sunday.  the rule was that we had to bring investigators in order to watch it.  so that´s what we did.  jorge luis came to 2 and loved it so that was happy.  we also brought a joven named alfonso who accpeted a fecha there so taht was ahppy too.  conference is the best!  it makes me trunky but it´s my last one so i wont be trunky anymore here... hahaha

but i loved hearing the messages!!!  i loved hearing the testimonies of these men called of God to warn us of what is coming.  we really are in the last days and we need to prepare ourselves!!  i feel like everyone was warning us that hard times are coming but also there is hope if we live the gospel and accept Christ in our lives.

well i´m glad to see you had too much fun in disneyland so you didnt have enough time to write me.... it´s fine.....

k that baby just makes me want to die, he is so dang cute!!!!!!!  really though.  he better love me when i get back or it will break my heart.

oh just got your email.  i dont have time to respond to everything but it sounds like this past week was an adventure. hahahaha yeah i have to take those buses allll the time here to go from city to city.  not fun.

mmkay well i´m out of time.  i love you so so so much and i´m so grateful for your love and support!!

hermana bytheway

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