Tuesday, May 20, 2014

March 24, 2014

March 24, 2014

jessenia and dana didnt get baptized...  the week of they said they werent going to.  but i honesly think it was because they didnt have a testimony of the book of mormon.  they never read.  only when we read with them.  so when satan came around the week of the baptism, they fell.  super sad.  i seriously love them so much!!

diego is the cutest!! he is working again as a taxista and always drives us places.  and his dad is getting baptized this week!  hahaha he seriously cracks me up.

today we had consejo and it was incredible!!  seriulsy i love it everytime.  president has so much love for each one of us and especially for the work of the lord.  and this one guy from peru and one from colombia came to talk to us about family history work and it was awesome.  i just cried watching the videos the church has made thinkning about how happy it is that families can be eternal!!! yay!!! the gospel is just so happy!!  :) and the hnas from cuenca brought me a present from mayra.  she ist he cutest! i{ll take a picture and sent it next week.  and she wrote the sweetest letteR!!!  it just made me feel better, like i have actually made a difference in someones life.

hahahahaa i doubt they have bounce dryer sheets here.... i{ve never even seen a dryer in anyones houses.......... hahahahahahaha

that{s crazy makenzie came home! tell her hi from me!!!  ya you have been trunky the whole time i{ve been gone mommy.. hahahaha

Love you all! i am out of time.this is of the family we{re teaching that is going to be baptized this week!! yay!! i seriuosly love them so much!!!!!

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