Thursday, March 27, 2014

Training Photos


 chau to my home girls, hna mosley and hna jimenez.  but they´re both still in machala!! yay!!

members from otavalo aka utahvalo because there are so many members there.  they were at the temple being sealed as a family.  cuuuute!!!!

yay!! training!!  there were only 5 new missionaries in the group that came, all of them gringos.  and all the trainers are gringos.  so the meeting with all of us was in english so the newbies could understand.  weeeeirddddd english.  hahaaha it was really weird though, for reals.  i had to do an example of verificacion and it was awkward.  because here in spanish you can ask a ton of personal questions and people dont get weirded out in the least bit.  plus i have a hard time speaking in english so it was just a struggle.

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