Thursday, March 27, 2014

February Photos!


mishell got baptized!!!!!!! it was seriously SOOOO HAPPY!!!!  her mom and her brother and sister came and they all really felt the spirit.  i sang a solo in english with my english hymn book :)  i sang the words to oh my father to the melody of come thou fount.  i would never ever ever ever sing all by myself in the states so i just take advantage here where most people are completely tone deaf.  but i made mishell´s mom cry so it invited the spirit and that´s what´s most important!  and then after she was baptized she gave her testimony and she was crying and her mom cried again.  but good crying, of course.  we want to work with the rest of her family becuase they are just the cutest and we love them so much!

i was really proud of my hair that day

and we were matching. yay!

temple in the fog. yay!

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