Thursday, March 27, 2014

February 4, 2014


so we had consejo in guayaquil this week again and i got my other toe operated on... yay!!

I GOT CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  yayyyy!!! it was so happy!!!!!!!! i loved everything!!  thank you so so so sos much!!  we are definitely enjoying all the chocolate and peanut butter.  and you know me so well!  i had forgotten about my chocolate covered blueberreis and mint truffeles!!!!!

bad news bears.  i lost my sd card with aaaaaaaaaall my pictures and videos from my mission.  yeah.  it´s pretty much terrible.  but i´m surprisingly really calm about it.  i think it´s because i realized i lost it the day i read all your guys testimonies so i had the eternal perspective really going on.  so the day we get to watch a whole movie of our lives will be great and i´ll get to see the vidoes and pictures i lost.  

oh at the consejo, presidente threw down about obediencia.  so now we´re only allowed to listen to hymns and motab.  soooo if you want to send me a micro sd with some music that would be great.  i have a little bit of motab but not very much.

oh yeah so presidente took out my other ingrown toenail on my other big toe.  it´s SOOOO COOOOOL how they take them out!!!!  well i didnt watch the shots because i just hate shots.  and they hurt.  but i watched how he took it out and it was awesome!!  hahahah thank you mommy for praying for my toes.  they need it.

it cracks me up how gossip goes around amongst the missionaries.  today hna llacsa was like ohh i heard that one of the elders here was your boyfriend.... ummmm what????  hahahaha im thinking its because i went on a date with christ barrett so everyone thought we were dating.  but here in south america it´s a huge deal to go on a date with someone.  like you dont just go one a date with one guy and then another the next weekend.  weird.  havnet they heard what the prophets say about dating??

oh we figured out the secret to getting free or cheap taxi rides.  the latina asks while the gringa just smiles.  works every time.  but  dont worry, we´re not going to get kidnapped or anything.

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