Thursday, March 27, 2014

Training Again


so i´m training agaaaaaain!!!!!!! of course.  i´ve had a total of 1 transfer where i wasnt training.  but!!!  hna jimenez and i did splits with the members monday night for like 30 minutes until the elders called and told me i had to be in the terminal in 15 minutes.  oh but when they called we were talking with hectors mom who is suuuuper evangelica and was going on and on and on so i was glad it got interrupted.  but yeah, so there went hector.  he´s officially gone.  but anyway.  so monday night hna viloria and i went to guayaquil and then tuesday morning we went to the TEMPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  okay, i have to confess.  the week before when i was praying i told Heavenly Father that I honestly loved my companion and didnt necessarily want changes but that I wanted to go to the temple.  So basically i asked to train.  just to be able to go to the temple.  but apparently He thought it was what >I needed too!!  Yay!!  Ohhhhhhhh my lantaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa it was INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this is hna harper who was my fhe mom at chatthamtowne!!  she is hilarious. 

yeah, so my companion is hermana brulé.  she´s from colorado and is 19.  she is super smart!!!  she doesnt speak a lot of spanish but is picking up on it so quick and already knows our sector pretty well.  yesterday i got lost and she knew exactly where we were.  she´s great.  she´s having a hard time adjusting and i know EXACTLY how she feels.  so i´m trying to do the best to help her feel more comfortable with everything.  I wish i could speak to her in english because that would make her feel 20 times better and less lonely but president told me i cant.  so it´s been hard.  but it´ll be good.  the Lord will help us.  Yay!

at the temple and on the bus with my new companion 


oh we had interviews with president and i talked to him about my release date and he said its going to be august 26th so i´ll have a week to get everything ready for school..... soooo you´re going to have to help me lots with books and everything.

oh my heck we have the coolest investigator ever!  his name is diego and he has a prosthetic leg just below his knee, so it made him gain a ton of weight because when he got in the accident, they gave him like 12 pints of blood.  hahaha that was a horribly worded sentence and it doesnt make sense but i dont even care.  anyway.  but friday we gave him a book of mormon and saturday when we went to visit him he read till page 80 and then sunday he read 50 more pages.  and he understood everything, even some of the deep doctrines!!!!!!  escogido??  yes.  he is the coolest.  he´s been in jail and has had a mujer and used to drink all that junk but he wants so bad to change and he wants his family to change too.  I just love him!

um who knew that "Christ" and "Messiah" means "anointing"??  Yeah, discovered that this week and i was super excited.  the gospel is just so cool!!!

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