Monday, June 24, 2013

I am now in Cuena...


WHY IS THERE NO BABY YET?????????  I{ve been dying all week.  Every time I see a baby my heart hurts.  I need LOTS AND LOTS of pictures next week!  and I want to see a picture of rachel too!  Its hard to imagine her very big.

Yeah, your leg is bien feo.  Hahaha of course, you only used ibuprofen. But yeah it looks like it{s pretty painful.

tell dallin and brenden i{ll write them back next week when i have more time.

Whelp.  I{m in Cuenca!  So I{m staying in the south mission.  I think the new president comes on the 1st so I don{t know what will happen with everything.  I{m just here and I just go where they tell me to go.  but right now i{m with hermana pascual from guatemala.  she got here the same time I did but i{m senior companaion because i trained.  bahahaha yeah.  we{ll see what happens with that.

Unfortunately, we didn{t get to go to the training yesterday.  I was really hoping we would and I{m not sure why we couldn{t.  But I heard it was way awesome and its super apparent the Lord{s work is hastening.

We had a baptism on saturday!  It{s the 9 year old in the pictures, Melanie.  She had been to church twice, we taught her for the first time on monday, and she got baptized on saturday.  She is the cutest!  and the other lady, alexandra is the other hermana{s baptism.  but it was happy!  It{s alwasy happy to see people accept the gospel and see the change in their lives.

Mmkay well that{s all for this week.  Sorry I didn{t have much time.  But I love you all and I{m always praying for you!!!

Hermana Bytheway

More Pictures

hermana sanchez, perez, ayer

ecuadorean richard simmons

hermana ayer


hermana rubina (mi hija) and vicente

dody and his fam

melanie and alexandra, hermna sanchez

 hermana perez and torres

 hermana perez, fajardo, dody

busride to cuenca



AAAAAHHHHHHHHH I am so excited for the babyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!  I better get a million pictures of him next week.  Have they decided on a name yet?

Sounds like you had a good Father´s day.  Ummm thanks for telling me what you ate for dinner...... I would kill to eat that right now.  I eat cereal, pears, apples, bread, eggs, rice, beans, meat, chicken, soup, bananas, potato salad.  Yeah, that´s about it.

Typical day.  Wake up, exercise, eat, get ready, study, study, study, go out to teach, eat lunch, teach more, come home, plan, eat, go to bed.

Ummm so we had 3 cambios (transfers) since my last email.  On Tuesday, they took away Hna Rubina so I was in a trio with Hna Perez and Hna Torres, both from Guatemala.  They are hilarious!  I loved being with them and I was especially relieved not to be training anymore.  I learned a ton training but it stressed me out to the max.  Anyway so I was with them for a few days and then they took away Hna Torres and we were with Hna Fajardo from Honduras.  I´m just not going to say anything about her because I want this email to be happy and positive.  And then today I left Esteros and now I´m in Bolivar with Hna Sanchez again.  I love her so I´m super excited to be working with her again!  This sector is more city so it´s going to be different than my last two areas.  And she´s only been here a week so we don´t have much to work with so it will be interesting.

We found Vicente just outside his house and just started talking to him.  Hahah he was carrying a table in each hand.  He´s super muscley.  He´s on the national rowing team for Ecuador.  But yeah, we normally just start talking to people outside their houses.  Sometimes we get referrals from members or work with part member families though.

We had another baptism on Saturday!  Dody got baptized, the 15 year old.  His 10 year old sister was going to be baptized too but the mom changed her mind at the last minute and decided she was too young to make that kind of decision.  It was way sad but their whole family is way awesome and I know that all of them are eventually going to be baptized and sealed in the temple together.   I´m super sad to leave them and all of the other investigators in esteros.  We had 10 people with baptismal dates and now here we don´t have any.  But wére going to work super hard to get things rolling again here.

I´m out of time but thanks so much for the email and for all your love and support!  This truly is the work of the Lord, even though it´s super rough at times.

I love you all!!

Hermana Bytheway

Monday, June 10, 2013

I am training...


Well hey.

Everything sounds like it´s going great back in Utah.  Hahaha thanks for the pictures of my room!  It´s super weird to see carpet!!!!  Gaaah!  With the pictures of my baptism, just one of me in the white jumpsuit would be good.  Yeah email it.

Well lemme tell ya a story.  Monday night during planning we get a phonecall from the zone leaders to tell us about cambios.  And Elder Castillo tells me, ¨hermana, you´re going to train.´¨  Uhhhhh WHAT???????????????  I was flipping.  Panic attack to the extreme.  Yeah, so all day Tuesday I was in the same training that I was in six weeks prior.  Yeah.  So I´m a trainer.  Ha!!  It´s kind of a joke.  The first couple days were suuuper rough.  Well yeah, it´s still super rough.  We get lost all the time and I basically have no idea what in the world I´m doing.  But Hermana Perez is still here and helps us a ton so that´s a huge blessing.  My companion is Hermana Rubina from Chile.  She´s great and has a lot of confidence in talking to people.  But she´s 22 so sometimes she has a difficult time accepting corrections from a 19 year old gringa.  But we´re working super hard and have tons of great investigators so it´s great.  But I´m super stressed all the time.  There´s a million things I have to remember and I´m just overwhelmed with it all.  It´s hard to recognize why the Lord would call me to be a trainer this early.  I´m the only one in my group who´s training right now and there are plenty of other sisters who could be training my companion right now.  But I´m really trying to have confidenc in myself because the Lord has confidence in me.  Obviously I´m struggling....

Vicente got baptized!!  It was super super happy!  Super crazy stressful!  Hahaha when we got to the chapel, one of the members was in the font with the water up to his knees and Manuel loading buckets of water from the well...  For some reason the stop to the drain wasn´t working so all the water was draining.  So we had to figure out how to stop it and we ended up with a tile from outside on top of the drain.  So yeah it was quite the experience.  But he was baptized and confirmed so that´s all that matters!  We saw him Sunday outside of his house and it was so amazing to see the light that he had in his countenance!  Ohhh I am oh so so happy for him!

When is the baby due?????????   I better get pictures!!!!!!

Dallin-- I don´t see too many different types of bananas.  Just the yellow kind.  But I eat like 5 a day.  And they have lots of plantains.  I think in a different sector they have more types.  But that´s exciting you´re finally done with Crescent!!!!  That place is awful.  What are you doing to do this summer?  I like all of the random things you tell me so keep writing me!

Cameron-- Thanks for the email!  San Fran sounds like it was fun.  Are you really going to have an interview with facebook?  That would be way sweet.  Keep me updated on your life.

Happy birthday to Nicole on the 8th!!!!!

When is Fathers day?  Happy Fathers day to Daddy and the grandpas and now Brenden!  Weird.

A lady in the ward does our laundry for like 4 or 5 bucks each week.  But I think she just washes everything together because my whites aren´t looking too white... Haha it´s fine.

Thank you to everyone who writes me!!  Sorry I never have time to write back.  We only have 30 minutes so it´s crazy trying to write everything.  But I really do appreciate all of the love!

Well I´m out of time.  Things are just great here.  Ya know, just training.  I have a daughter to teach so ya know.  It´s great.  It´s been an absolutely crazy experience but I know that this is the work of the Lord so I´m just goin for it.  The church is still true.

I love you all!!!!

Hermana Bytheway

Monday, June 3, 2013

Finally.. Fotos!




Bahahahaa everything at home sounds like fun.  I want to see pictures of the basement!  And my room!  Sounds like all the projects are coming along well.

My area is called Esteros.  I don´t think physical addresses exist here.  Kidding, they do but they don´t make any sense.  My companion is Hermana Sanchez from Bolivia and she is seriously the sweetest person in the whole world.  But of course, she´s leaving today.  Soooooo once again, I´ll be lost.  It´ll be great.  And Hermana Ayer is leaving toooo!!!!!!  I seriously want to cry.  We make each other laugh so so hard every day so it will be hard to not have someone to speak in English with.

But this week has been so so good!!  On Wednesday the 4 of us had our last interviews with Presidente Montalti.  Crazy!  But oh man.  The best.  Hermana Perez had to go to the temple to buy garments so we got to take a litte adventure.  We only got lost like 20 times but oh lanta.  It was the happiest ever.  We just walked in the entrance of the temple but seriously I have never felt such a drastic difference walking inside a temple.  I felt so at home!!  Oh man.  It was the happiest.  And then that night, we were teaching this guy who is basically told us ¨baptize me, I want to be sealed to my family in the temple.¨ It was awesome to bear testimony of the temple to him and of the peace we can feel there and the eternal nature of families.  It was amazing.  Also.  Vicente is the greatest.  We moved his baptism to the 8th and he is so ready!  It´s incredible to see the change the gospel has brought into his life!!  Last night when we were teaching him and reviewing the baptismal questions, I was just so happy!!!!  He´s so awesome and I am so so so excited to see his baptism!!!  I´ll have to send you pictures of him.  He´s huuuuge and only 18!  Hahahah and I´ll definitely send pictures of the Ecuadorean Richard Simmons.

Highlights of Ecuador: The other day I ate 5 bananas in one day.  So that was cool.  And yesterday we saw a guy walking down the street with a cat in a bag.  And when the cat meowed, he would shake the bag.  Not sure what he was doing with it... And one day this week we didn´t have water.  So I may or may not have gone 4 days without washing my hair.... Usually I go three but the day we didn´t have water happened to fall on the day we didn´t have water.  And someone in the ward has the exact same birthday as me!  Year and everything!  So that was cool.

Could you send me a picture or two of my baptism?  Thanks mucho.

Mmkay well I´m out of time.  Thank you to everyone who wrote me!  Cameron and Dallin and everyone else!  I´ll write you back next week!

Love you all!  Thank you so so much for all of your love and support!!!

Hermana Bytheway