Monday, June 3, 2013



Bahahahaa everything at home sounds like fun.  I want to see pictures of the basement!  And my room!  Sounds like all the projects are coming along well.

My area is called Esteros.  I don´t think physical addresses exist here.  Kidding, they do but they don´t make any sense.  My companion is Hermana Sanchez from Bolivia and she is seriously the sweetest person in the whole world.  But of course, she´s leaving today.  Soooooo once again, I´ll be lost.  It´ll be great.  And Hermana Ayer is leaving toooo!!!!!!  I seriously want to cry.  We make each other laugh so so hard every day so it will be hard to not have someone to speak in English with.

But this week has been so so good!!  On Wednesday the 4 of us had our last interviews with Presidente Montalti.  Crazy!  But oh man.  The best.  Hermana Perez had to go to the temple to buy garments so we got to take a litte adventure.  We only got lost like 20 times but oh lanta.  It was the happiest ever.  We just walked in the entrance of the temple but seriously I have never felt such a drastic difference walking inside a temple.  I felt so at home!!  Oh man.  It was the happiest.  And then that night, we were teaching this guy who is basically told us ¨baptize me, I want to be sealed to my family in the temple.¨ It was awesome to bear testimony of the temple to him and of the peace we can feel there and the eternal nature of families.  It was amazing.  Also.  Vicente is the greatest.  We moved his baptism to the 8th and he is so ready!  It´s incredible to see the change the gospel has brought into his life!!  Last night when we were teaching him and reviewing the baptismal questions, I was just so happy!!!!  He´s so awesome and I am so so so excited to see his baptism!!!  I´ll have to send you pictures of him.  He´s huuuuge and only 18!  Hahahah and I´ll definitely send pictures of the Ecuadorean Richard Simmons.

Highlights of Ecuador: The other day I ate 5 bananas in one day.  So that was cool.  And yesterday we saw a guy walking down the street with a cat in a bag.  And when the cat meowed, he would shake the bag.  Not sure what he was doing with it... And one day this week we didn´t have water.  So I may or may not have gone 4 days without washing my hair.... Usually I go three but the day we didn´t have water happened to fall on the day we didn´t have water.  And someone in the ward has the exact same birthday as me!  Year and everything!  So that was cool.

Could you send me a picture or two of my baptism?  Thanks mucho.

Mmkay well I´m out of time.  Thank you to everyone who wrote me!  Cameron and Dallin and everyone else!  I´ll write you back next week!

Love you all!  Thank you so so much for all of your love and support!!!

Hermana Bytheway

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