Tuesday, May 28, 2013

New Area


Well heyyyy..

Thanks for all your emails!  I love hearing about everything back in America.  Like Memorial Day.  I forgot that existed.

I love my new area!  The people are a lot poorer but they´re so great.  And the members are sooo nice and excited to help out with the work.  Oh man, there´s one member and he is like the Ecuadorean version of Richard Simmons.  He cracks me up.  But oh man, Hermana Ayer is my favorite ever.  We are seriously the same person.  She´s 22 and from New Hampshire but she went to BYU before her mission as well.  So yeah, we have some good laughs together every night in the apartment.  And in the mornings, we work out togehter and our latina companinos think we´re crazy buff.  Bahahahaha but we´re not at all.

I had my first baptism this week!!  It was a little 8 year old girl named Norquis.  She is the sweetest ever.  So that was happy.  I tried to upload pictures but my card reader doesn´t work...  soooo looks like you´re never going to get pictures of my mission till I get home.  Sorry.  Anyway.  We are also teaching this 18 year old named Vicente.  He is huuuuuge.  Like muscley huge.  And he´s super tall and super black and super quiet.  But he´s awesome.  He´s going to be baptized on the 15th.

Okay, here´s the weekly update on all that I´ve eaten this week.  At Norquis´s house, we ate guava.  It was strange, to say the least.  It was like eating soggy cotton.  And at another member´s house, we ate a fruit called achotillo.  Something like that.  It was the weiredst looking thing ever but it was actually really good!  And at lunch one day I ate a fish with the skin and bones.  So that was fun.  And then the worst ever..... OHHHh i thought it was going to die.  One member gave us this huuuge mug of this awful tea.  I swear, it was like drinking a candle.  Plus it was steamy, and I was sweating like none other and I just wanted to hurl.  But I didn´t so no worries.

Oh they have the coolest things here called tricimotos!!  Look them up.  They´re the greatest.  The one we rode in yesterday was like a carriage from the 1800s but without the horse and a lot dirtier.

Oh my lanta.  So last night, we got a call and found out Hermana Martinez is leaving........  GGAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!  I´ve only been in this area a week and everything looks the same soooooo my new companion is going to be hating me because we´ll just be lost all the time.  So yeah, I´ll get a new companion later today.  I´ll have to tell you about her next week.

Don´t worry, I always wear my flip flops and drink filtered water.  And I´m taking my vitamins and probiotics.

That´s cool Cameron is going to San Francisco!  I loooove that place!!  Tell him to tell me all about it.  oh and have fun at the art museum!  that will be cool.  and it sounds like the basement is coming along just great.  Send me pictures!  K i´m so glad you guys did the missionary night for the youth!  I loved when we did that!!  was it a good experience for everyone?  I hope so.

Mmkay well I think that´s about it.  Everything is slowwwwwly getting better.  My spanish is still suuper rough but I¨m learning.  It´s hard to not get frustrated with myself but it´s all good.  We´re improving.  Thank you to everyone for all of your love and support and prayers!!

I´m so grateful I have this wonderful opportunity to serve the Lord and bring the people here unto Christ!  It´s super hard but definitely worth it.

I love you all!

Hermana Bytheway

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