Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Better Week??


Well hey.

Here I am.  In Ecuador.  ya know.  just doin the mish thing.  honestly it´s the hardest thing ever and i´m still struggling.  i just feel like i don´t know anything and i can´t speak or understand spanish and so i´ts just hard.  but it´s good.  i´m learning and trying to stay positive so you don´t need to worry about me.  i know i need to be here doing the lord´s work so it´s all good.

the members are really nice.  we eat at different houses everyday so i´ve gotten to know a lot of them.  we usually eat soup (which, hello!!! it´s a million degrees outside!!!  why are we eating soup?? but it´s pretty good) and rice and some sort of meat, like chicken or some mystery meat.  but we can´t eat anything from a pìg.  so yeah.  i´m pretty sure everything we eat is safe, so no worries.

the mosquitoes here are terrrrible!!!  they don´t care about how much repellent i put on.  my legs are covered with bites and they itch like crazyyy.  i´m trying not to itch them so i dont get scars but it´s nearly impossible.  and the cream lasts for like 2 minutes becuase i just sweat it off.  speaking of which.  it´s daaang hot.  all the time.  oh but if the sun isn´t blazing, the people here are like ohhhh it´s cold!!  as i´m standing there sweating bullets.  it´s hilarious.

yeah i usually just ignore the creepers.  but one of them is an investigator so it´s a wee bit tricky.  he´s this 76 year old man and he is a crazy.  he´´ll always call me ´my love´in english and every day he uses a new english phrase that he learned.... hés trying to learn english so he can talk to me.  oh and every time i read a scripture and ask him a question about it, he´s like like ohh i don´t know, i was just listening to your voice.  anyway.  bless his heart.

oh i ate the grooossest thing the other day!!  it was some sort of pudding thing with maduras, which are ripe plantiains, and big fat raisins.  houuuullllgggghhh i wanted to hurl.  i would just take a bite and then swallow it without chewing it with a big gulp of sprite.  so gross.  but the other day i ate a churro and mmmmm it was yummy.  it was full of who knows what but it was good.  oh but i lost the weight i gained in the mtc! so that´s happy.

i don´´t know about sunday.  hma martinez said that for christmas, she called her family beforehand and gave them the number and then they called her on the phone in the apartment but she doesn´t know if it will be the same or not.  no one else seems to be worried about it here so i don´t really know.  but we have stake conference from 10 to 12 so i know it won´t be then!  other than that i have no idea.  i wish i did though!!!!  my mission president is super super super by the book, so we have 40 minutes to talk.

thank you to rachel and madsen for your emails!  hahahah the picture of rachel and brenden is hilarious.  i better get pictures of the baby in 6 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!  and thank you to heather for the dearelder!!  i´m so grateful for everyonés love and support!!!

i love you all!!!
hermana bytheway

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