Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Longest Week...


Im here!  And i dont know how to do apostrophes on this keyboard.  So sorry about that.  But I could not agree more with your subject.  Definitely the longest week of my life.  Thats dumb they didn´t email you or anything when I got here.  But im here and safe and everything is just grand...

Well lets just start with the planeride.  i sat next to this old couple and tried to talk to them but then i realized i dont know spanish.  <i couldnnt understand anything they were saying.  Except i{m pretty sure the lady called me a sinner because <i had scripture other than the bible.  its fine.  But i met someone who spoke english who was a convert so he was really nice and helped me with my luggage and everything.  <i ended up not having to go through customs so that was good.  the first night i stayed at the nurses house and cried myself to sleep.  no big deal.  the next day we had a training thing all day and it was the worst thing of my life.  i was one of 3 gringos out of like 21 new missionaires, plus all latino trainers.  basically understood next to nothing.  it was great.  my mission president scares me to death.  i think he speaks english but hes only said like 5 words to me total so <i dont really know for sure.

my companion is hermana martinez and she is great.  she{s super patient with me and my inability to speak or understand so that{s good.  but she sings all the time and is super tone deaf so that{s fun.  and she likes to whine about her headaches all the time.  but <i love her to death!  She{s a sweetheart.

the people here are so so sweet!  they are super late and never follow through with anything but i love them.  the members here are all soooo sweet!  hahaha we had dinner at one of the members house and he told me i looked like taylor swift and brenden looks like one of the jonas brothers and that david looks like justin timberlake.  hahahaha not at all but whatever.

ummm so i{m definitely not in america.  this place is nuts.  the worst part is the creepers.  people try to hit on my all the time.  one guy came up to me and was talking to me in english and was like, i want to get to know you better because i know you have a good heart and i know your style and you know my style and you{re so beautiful and blah blah.  uhhhh peace out, dude.  and there was another guy who saw me walking toward him and puts on his glasses and looks me up and down.  and another guy who drove by us and was literally hanging out his window and yelled, hey babyyy!!!!!  it{s great. not.

Thank you thank you thank you to everyone who wrote me!!!!  it was so good to hear from the grandparents!!!  But unfortunately, i cant email anyone but family.  my mission president doesn{t let us for some reason.  so sorry about that!!!  i really really wanted to email everyone back but i can{t. hopefully with the change of mission presidents, it will be different.  also, i asked one of the american hermanas and they said i should talk to the new president about coming home a transfer early so i guess i{ll just do that.

sorry about the basement!!! that sounds like a mess!! Good luck cleaning all that up.

i dont have much time left but know that im alive!!  its definitley been the hardest and longest week of my whole life and i{ve never been so homesick but i know im where the Lord needs me to be. }

thank you so so so so much for all of your love and support and prayers for me!!!  LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!

Hermana Bytheway

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