Monday, May 13, 2013

Re: Loved talking to you!!!


OHHHHHH my lanta.  Talking to you all yesterday was the best everrrr!!!! It didn´t make me homesick at all, it made me want to work harder, so that was good.  Everything everyone said was exactly what I needed to hear so thank you and i love you all!

i thought i already told you about my companion.  she is 23 and from colombia.  shes great.  sometimes she drives me nuts but i´,m sure i drive her nuts even more.  no, she realy is great.  it just bothers me a wee bit when she picks her nose and her zits in the middle of the street.  and sings.  im scared shes going to make me tone deaf.  and during comp prayers when she kneels on my bed and sneezes on it.  and when she brushes her hair on my bed.  but thats it!  other than that, i love her to death.  i cant imagine training someone who doesnt know the language or the culture, so bless that heart of hers.

josh groban will be so fun!!  thats way exciting!  and tell brenden thats awesome about his concert.  i still havent gotten an email from him though so maybe he needs to send it from a different account? i dunno.

yeah thats crazy dallin is 15.  i think his voice is lower than when i left.  when is he going to get his permit?  tell him sorry i cant help him with his math.  but if he takes calc his junior year i´ll be back by then!  good job on your paper mommy!  of course you got an a.

oh thats way exciting about all of the mission calls and farewells!  haley will be way awesome!  and if nicole goes, she would be incredible!  she sent me an email but i havent read it yet.  ill have to write her back.  hahahahah i dont know if her and cameron would be a good match or not.  i dont think so.  but maybe!

tell everyone hi back!  im so so grateful for everyones love and support and prayers for me!  and thanks to everyone who wrote me!!

oh my lanta.  it was the grossest thing ever.  oh no.  two gross things.  well there are millions of gross things here but ill just tell you about two.  one.  we were eating at a memebers house and one thing they served us was like these potatoe slices with thte grossest sauce ever.  it was a pale greenish color but it tasted like sand.  and it was cold.  so as i was gagging that down, i discovered a black curly hair in it.  lovely.  but.  heres the thing.  the lady who made it had red hair..... soooooooooo yeah i wanted to hurl.  two.  we were at another members house helping her make lunch and my companion was mixing the meat and the spices with her hands and then she licked her fingers to test it!!  raw meat!!  and then she gave it to the hermana and she did the same thing!!  uhhh helloooo thats raw meat , people.  anyway.  its great here.

oh but today was sooo so great.  my companion had antoher training thing so ive been with hermana ayer all day.  we are seriously the same person.  its so nice to talk to english and be myslef and talk to someone who understnads how crazy these people are.  so today has been happy.

okay well im out of time to ill talk to you next week.  thank you everyone for your prayers!!  LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!

hermana bytheway

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