Monday, June 24, 2013



AAAAAHHHHHHHHH I am so excited for the babyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!  I better get a million pictures of him next week.  Have they decided on a name yet?

Sounds like you had a good Father´s day.  Ummm thanks for telling me what you ate for dinner...... I would kill to eat that right now.  I eat cereal, pears, apples, bread, eggs, rice, beans, meat, chicken, soup, bananas, potato salad.  Yeah, that´s about it.

Typical day.  Wake up, exercise, eat, get ready, study, study, study, go out to teach, eat lunch, teach more, come home, plan, eat, go to bed.

Ummm so we had 3 cambios (transfers) since my last email.  On Tuesday, they took away Hna Rubina so I was in a trio with Hna Perez and Hna Torres, both from Guatemala.  They are hilarious!  I loved being with them and I was especially relieved not to be training anymore.  I learned a ton training but it stressed me out to the max.  Anyway so I was with them for a few days and then they took away Hna Torres and we were with Hna Fajardo from Honduras.  I´m just not going to say anything about her because I want this email to be happy and positive.  And then today I left Esteros and now I´m in Bolivar with Hna Sanchez again.  I love her so I´m super excited to be working with her again!  This sector is more city so it´s going to be different than my last two areas.  And she´s only been here a week so we don´t have much to work with so it will be interesting.

We found Vicente just outside his house and just started talking to him.  Hahah he was carrying a table in each hand.  He´s super muscley.  He´s on the national rowing team for Ecuador.  But yeah, we normally just start talking to people outside their houses.  Sometimes we get referrals from members or work with part member families though.

We had another baptism on Saturday!  Dody got baptized, the 15 year old.  His 10 year old sister was going to be baptized too but the mom changed her mind at the last minute and decided she was too young to make that kind of decision.  It was way sad but their whole family is way awesome and I know that all of them are eventually going to be baptized and sealed in the temple together.   I´m super sad to leave them and all of the other investigators in esteros.  We had 10 people with baptismal dates and now here we don´t have any.  But wére going to work super hard to get things rolling again here.

I´m out of time but thanks so much for the email and for all your love and support!  This truly is the work of the Lord, even though it´s super rough at times.

I love you all!!

Hermana Bytheway

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