Monday, June 24, 2013

I am now in Cuena...


WHY IS THERE NO BABY YET?????????  I{ve been dying all week.  Every time I see a baby my heart hurts.  I need LOTS AND LOTS of pictures next week!  and I want to see a picture of rachel too!  Its hard to imagine her very big.

Yeah, your leg is bien feo.  Hahaha of course, you only used ibuprofen. But yeah it looks like it{s pretty painful.

tell dallin and brenden i{ll write them back next week when i have more time.

Whelp.  I{m in Cuenca!  So I{m staying in the south mission.  I think the new president comes on the 1st so I don{t know what will happen with everything.  I{m just here and I just go where they tell me to go.  but right now i{m with hermana pascual from guatemala.  she got here the same time I did but i{m senior companaion because i trained.  bahahaha yeah.  we{ll see what happens with that.

Unfortunately, we didn{t get to go to the training yesterday.  I was really hoping we would and I{m not sure why we couldn{t.  But I heard it was way awesome and its super apparent the Lord{s work is hastening.

We had a baptism on saturday!  It{s the 9 year old in the pictures, Melanie.  She had been to church twice, we taught her for the first time on monday, and she got baptized on saturday.  She is the cutest!  and the other lady, alexandra is the other hermana{s baptism.  but it was happy!  It{s alwasy happy to see people accept the gospel and see the change in their lives.

Mmkay well that{s all for this week.  Sorry I didn{t have much time.  But I love you all and I{m always praying for you!!!

Hermana Bytheway

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