Saturday, July 20, 2013

Send Peanut Butter...

Hahahahaha here{s the answers to your survey....

I don{t really need anything for my birthday.  I don{t have a microwave nor an oven.  We have a little toaster conventional oven thing though.  I would cry to receive a jar of peanut butter actually.  I miss that stuff more than any other food.  But just make sure the box isn{t over 20 pounds or else I{ll have to pay 50 dollars to get it.  I dont really need clothes but if you want to send me some then sure.  It{s always happy to get new clothes :)  Yeah, you could send me a copy of the conference ensign.  That would be happy too.  YES send me pictures of the babyyyy!!!!!!!!  Or just send the baby.  Anything you want to send I{ll be happy to get.  Letters with words of motivation and love are always good to get.  Anything with peanut butter or chocolate.  PEANUT BUTTER BARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  that{s what I want.  I just decided.  With anything else peanut butter.

Put a picture of jesus on the box.  it gets here faster and safely.

I havne{t had a problem with bed bugs but I{m usting the flea collar.  And I wear tights here so I havent{ had as many mosquito bites.

My president is presidente torres but I dont know his wifes name.  we{ve just had that one trainign here in cuenca so i dont know when we{ll go back to guayaquil for interviews or anything.  but we{re waiting for the changes.  they{re bound to come soon but we{re just waiting waiting.  but today were cambios but all four of the sisters are staying so that{s happy.  but there will be four new hermanas here in cuenca so that{s crazy.

On saturday, Briggitte was baptized.  It was so happy!  There were like 40 or 50 members there to support her and it was so happy to see the change in her countenance.  Elizabeth and her son are super excited for their baptism this saturday.  And Gabriela is still waiting for the papers for her wedding.  I don{t really understand the whole process of getting married here but yeah we{re just waiting waiting.  But she is so ready!  Yesterday in gospel doctrine she was saying how excited she was to be baptized and how grateful she is for the gospel and how she has never felt like this before.  She is the cutest ever!!  Other than them, we don{t have many investigators.  We´{re still trying to figure out how to find people here.  But yeah.  the work is movin along.

mamita is like little mom.  basically in spanish you can put -ita on anything.

the accent in the sierra is different than the coast.  Here they say otchra instread of otra and it{s more choppy.  but i{m pretty much used to it and can understand for the most part.  so thats good.  the gift of tongues is real.

i{m glad the dogs still remember me.  and that you{re going to teach little brenden who I am.  he better love me when i get back or ill be so mad.  no i wont be mad.  yeah i will.  he is the cutest thing ever and i just want to cry every time i think about him.  but yeah if he hates me then their next baby will be a girl and she{ll love me.  i already decided.

this week has flown by but i just want to say that I LOVE THIS GOSPEL SO MUCH!!!  I know I sound like such a missionary but the Gospel is so beautiful and perfect and I just love it so much.  it{s so true it{s ridiculous.  Heavenly Father loves us so so much!!  Read the Book of Mormon!  It is the greatest.

I love you all!!

Hermana Bytheway

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