Monday, July 29, 2013

Tomorrow's Daddy's Birthday...

Happy Birthday Daddy!!  Woww you are oooolllddd.... hehe just kiddin.  You{re super young.  And hip.  It sounds like the teachers camp was crazy.  And dangerous!  Are your ribs okay?  I hope so.  But I hope you have a happy happy birthday!  Eat some good cake for me.  The cake here is just not the same.

Hahahaha you finally finished Cameron{s mission scrapbook?  After 4 years?  Better late than never.  I}ll be expecting mine in about 8 years then.

Yeah it actually gets really really cold.  I{m not sure if it really is that cold or if Guayaquil just made me a baby against the cold.  Oh but it{s the worst in the morning.  Showering is freeeezzzingggg!!!  I hate showering!  But don{t worry, I shower every morning.  I still only wash my hair every three days though.  But yeah at night it gets pretty cold walking around and I think it{s making me sick.  But during the day the weather changes about every 3 minutes.  It rains, and then it{s cold and then the sun is super super strong.  But it{s a lot better than Guayaquil!  And maybe it}s because I wear tights everyday but I don{t get mosquito bites here.  My legs are scarred from Guayaquil though.  They are merciless on the coast.

I{m so excited to get my boxes!  Thanks so much for sending them!  I thought of another thing you could send... Pictures of the Draper Temple!  I miss that place so so much and the only picture I have of it is fading because it{s in my planner.  So maybe just send a couple of little ones?  Like the little card with the schedule in it?  That would make me happy :)  also printed pictures of my baptism.  And of my converts baptisms.  Thanks so much!!

The four hermanas came, two of them are new from the states.  I think there{s 22 total in cuenca now.  But it{s just us 4 in the house still.  President is focusing a lot on cuenca and loja right now.  He told us that before he came here, he had a dream that he was going somewhere with white walls and red roofs.  And if you look up pictures of cuenca, that{s exactly what it looks like.  He also said that he saw each and every one of us and felt like we are all his children.  Our president is way awesome and so so loving!  I{m super grateful he is our president.  We{re just waiting for the rules to change.... hahahah

We eat with a member everyday for lunch and dinner doesnt really exist.  Some of our investigators always give us bread and aromatic tea or we}ll buy some bread in the evening to eat.  And then when we get back to the apartment at night, we{ll eat a lil suh um suh um.  But yeah, we hardly ever cook.  I cook eggs every morning, but that{s about it.

Sadly Elizabeth and Alex didn{t get baptized this week.  The day of their interview, they disappeared and we couldnt get a hold of them.  They just left out of town randomly and they{re still not back.  it was super disappointing because they were so excited and then they just left.  But we{re going to find them this week and see what happened and how we can help them.  Gabriela{s papers should be done next week and she should be baptized on the third!  I love her so so much and she is so ready to be baptized!  She has such a strong testimony and is always so eager to learn.  She{s going to be a leader in the church, for sure.  Here in Cuenca, more people are married because they have more money.  In Guayaquil, almost no one was married because they just couldn{t afford it.

And that{s so happy Keltsey and Krystal are getting married!  I got a couple pictures of Morgan and jen{s wedding and they were absolutely GORGEOUS!!  Crazy, everyone will have husbands when I get back.

Haahahaha Mommy I can just picture you as a crazy grandma that just pours over little Brenden.  Send me a picture of you with him!

That{s so weird Dallin is learning how to drive!  I want to see a picture of him in his marching band uniform.

Mmkay well I{m out of time.  Thanks so much for all of your letters and love and support.

The church is true.

Hermana Bytheway

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