Tuesday, August 6, 2013

July is winding down...


Well hullooooo....

Sounds like everything at home is just super fun!  I love hearing about all the fun details of everyone.  How scary about Cameron though!!  How is he doing?  He{s not injured at all?

Thanks so much for sending the package!  I was thinking about the peanut butter cookies yesterday and I{m suuuuuper excited to get them!!!!  I{ll let you know as soon as I get it.  Hopefully everything makes it.

Yeah it{s been pretty cold.  And pretty hot.  The weather changes like crazy, so I did get sick this week.  But it wasn{t too bad.  I{m pretty much back to normal now.  And i hvae enough blankets.  I just sleep in my $1 walmart sweats!  hahaha I{m so glad we bouught those! I have the flea collar in my bed so I don{t think I have fleas.  Yeah, the scars on my legs are from itching my mosquito bites.... I know I shouldn{t itch but it was too hard not to.

I{ve used some of the cash that I brought but i{m not sure how to take out money from my travel card.  Do i have a pin number?  I don{t need any right this second but for the future.

Yeah, I live with one other American and two latinas.  And our zone is almost have Americans.  It{s super nice to be able to speak English once in a while.

We had another training with President Torres this week.  He is so awesome!  He has so much love for us and for la obra misional.  I honestly don{t remember how to say that in english....  Haha but I did have an interview with him and he said its not a problem at all that i have to leave a transfer early.  So it{s all good.  But oh my goodness mommy, his wife totally reminds me of you!  She is hilarious!  His whole family is the cutest and I{m so grateful theyr{e here!  Oh but they asked all the zone leaders if they wanted to change the rule so we can wear pday clothes and they all said no!!!  How stupid!!!!!!!  So that hasnt{ changed.  The only thing that has changed is that we can eat pig now.  I{m not sure if i want to though.  Oh and pizza.  That{s all for now though.

Hahaha I{m not sure why you{re asking about picking me up when it{s not for another year...  Right now I{m thinking no?  I{m not sure what there is to see.  And I dont{ kwno if the mission president would let us?  And I think it{s going to be crazy anyway trying to get everything ready for school.  But I dunno.  I guess if you really want to then sure.
Oh so the water went away.  Apparently some tube broke so we didn{t ahve water all day Satruday.  But luckily our ward mission leader loves us and we got to shower at his house.  Best shower since March 13th.  thier house is so clean!  And it was consistently hot water!  Ohhh i felt so clean!  But then the water came back.  And then it left again.  So curretnly we don{t have water in our house.  It{s great.  So I am also very grateful for the wipes and hand sanitizer we bought at walmart too.  Who knew walmart would be such a blessing.  Maybe you shouldn{t hate it so much mommy.... hahahaha

Did dallin get his permit yet?  So weird imagining him driving.

Tell Tanner congrats!  That{s super exciting!  Tell him to look for Matt!

Mmmkay well that{s about all for now.  I want you all to know that Heavenly Father loves us so so much!  Never forget that.  And the church is true.

Hermana Bytheway :)

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