Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Re: How is Cuenca?


Okay, the picture of you and the baby made me cry.  I{m crying right now.  Mommy I miss you so so much!  I miss talking to you every day!  And heaven knows I am dying not knowing that baby!!!  Anyway.  But keep the pictures coming!  It{s good to cry sometimes.  Oh and your hair is super cute!!  Is it lighter?

My birthday was just another day working here in good ole Ecuador.  Haha we bought a piece of chocolate cake from a panaderia... it wasnt{ the greatest thing i{ve ever eaten.  Haha cake here is just not good.  It{s jsut how it is.  And then we bought little ball things (in the picture) and that was just nasty.  But one of our mamitas is going to make us a cake on Wednesday so we{ll see how that turns out.  Oh and last week I splurged and bought a jar of Nutella to celebrate.  It{s like 5 bucks here!  But i justified it saying it was my birthday present to myself.  I haven{t gotten the boxes yet but I{m SUUUUPER excited for them!!!  Can{t wait!  Thanks so so much for sending them!  And thanks so much to the other grandparents for the money!

Gabriela finally got married and baptized!  She was so so happy!  And now she{s super excited us to come with us to teach so that{s happy too!  We keep telling her we{re going to see her in a year when her and her husband get sealed in the temple.  I would be so so so happy to see that!!  The Andrades don{t want to come to church.  Well they say they do but they always have excuses.  And the 3 Ojeda sons are going to be baptized this Saturday so that{s happy!!

Yesterday I got bit by a dog.  It took out a big chunk of my leg.  Pretty gross.  He probably has all sorts of diseases.  Just kiddding. But really a dog did bite me yesterday.  Well, it was more of a gnaw.  We were just walking down the street and I felt something on my thigh and I look down and there was a dog biting me!  I didn{t even see it!  Rude huh.  I didnt do anything to him and he just thinks he can bite me.

So we dont have hot water in the house.  Thankfully we do have water!!  But the heater is broken and the owner isnt going to fix it because they said that type of heater is going to be outdated soon anyway.  And by soon, that means like a year or two.  So we{re in the process of looking for a new house.  The water and the climate are way too cold here to not have hot water.  So we have to heat up water on the stove every morning if we want a hot shower.  It{s fun.

That{s crazy about Dallins band camp.  Why are they doing it like boot camp?  That{s crazy he{s starting high school!  Tell him not to be nervous.

Sorry about your sprained thumb but your story made me laugh.  hhahahahahahaha it made me think of your story about how you were trapped in the bottom of the pool in the snow.  hahahahahahahahah but that{s stupid about all the differing opinions of the doctors.  hope it gets better soon!

I did hear about the temple movie change!  How is it?  Too bad I won{t be able to see it for a year.  I MISS THE TEMPLE SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Take advantage of being able to go whenever you want!!

Okay well I{m out of time.  Thanks so much for all your love and support!  I love you!!

Hermana Bytheway

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