Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A week late

Sorry I missed a week!


The Ojeda boys were baptized on Saturday!  It was the happiest thing ever!!  They are so cute!!  They all bore their testimonies and it was so sweet to hear how they felt.  Especially Jean Pierre who is the oldest.  He is 16 and kind of a punk and never really says much in the lessons so it was so cute to hear him say that he really wanted to be a better person.  And the other two, Bryan and Jairo, are just adorable.  They{re always so excited to have us come over. Oh and the dad bore his testimony too!  he was saying how he wants to be bapitzed soon too!  The problem is that they sell fruit on sundays so they can never come to church but this week theyve made some changes so they can come this week.  I love that family so much and I want more than anything for them to be sealed as a family!  The mom is super stubborn though and says she doesnt want to be baptized again but I think she{ll soften up when she comes to church.  And the daughter, Genesis wants to be baptized so badly too but she{s only 6. Haha they are just the cutest ever.  Oh but it was so funny!  Before their baptism, we brought the baptismal clothes to their house for them to try on.  so they go into the next room and we hear them laughing like little girls.  They thought the clothes looked like karate clothes so they started fighting each other.  Haha and then they come out with belts across their heads...  Hahaha but what can you expect from teenage boys?  Gotta love em.

I still havnet gotten my packages yet.  I{m hoping tomorrow I{ll get them.

Haha the dog that bit me was pretty big.  But I wasnt afraid.  I didnt really realize what had happened until after I walked away.

Holy cow, Dallin is getting tall.  How tall is he now??  That{s so crazy he{s starting high school already.

Yeah the water situation is kind of ridiculous.  We have to look for apartments which is kind of dumb.  But yeah we{ll see what happens with that.

I miss you too Mommy!!!  So so much!  You are my best friend and I{m so grateful for you in my life!  But yeah, in less than a year I{ll be back home and we{ll go shopping together :)

That{s crazy about Madsen coming home already.  No, i havent written him or Matt or Peter in a long time.  There{s not enough time when I only get 30 minutes. It goes way too fast.

I love hearing about all the updates!!  Tell everyone congrats with their weddings!

Thanks so much for all your love and support!  I am so grateful for all of you!

I want you all to know that I know that this church is true and I know that Christ is my Savior.  The Gospel is so simple yet so beautiful and we are all so blessed to have it in our lives.

Love you!!

Hermana Bytheway

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