Tuesday, August 6, 2013



Hahahahah thanks for the happy birthday song.  I definitely just sang the grandma bye part in my head so no worries.

No, hermana torres (presidents wife) doesnt have an accent at all.  she has 3 kids here but one is leaving on a mission this month and then she has 3 kids at home.  haha i dont know why shes just funny and it reminds me of you.

yeah how stupid is it that they don't want to wear p-day clothes on pday.  its because they{re all trynig to be righteous and follow what it says in the white handbook.  but they dont wear skirts everyday!  its whatever.  email time is the same still at 30 minutes.

i forgot to take pictures of the apartment but i will this week.  ohhhh my lanta though.  we didnt have running water for a week!!!!!!  we had to go outside and fill up buckets to take showers and to flush the toilet and wash the dishes.  it was ridiculous.  it first went out because a pipe broke and then they turned it off because the elders who were here before us didnt pay the water bill and didnt tell us how to pay it.  so we figured out how to pay it and called a million different people and finally got it back.  it was soooooo happy!!!!  running water is the best thing in this world!  I hope you all take a moment and just appreciate warm, running water.

umm well the thing is that no one uses a card here.  it{s all cash.  so it would be easier if i had a pin number and could take out money from the atm.  maybe call the bank and ask them?  i dont need it right now but for future reference.

that sounds so fun about all the camping!!  i miss camping!!  and tell keltsey congrats and happy birthday!  and tanner oberle happy birthday!  and congrats to parker!  thats so awesome!

ohhhhh i sure hope litte Brenden loves me!!!!  I love himmmmm soo muchhhhhh!!!!!!!  He is sooooo danggg cuuuteee!!!!!!  Let me know how the blessing goes!  I wish I could be there!!

Hahahah tha{s so cute about what Ella said in church.  It{s so true though!  The Lord answers our prayers in His own way and in His own timing and our purpose in this life is to learn how to develop that trust in HIm and HIs timing.

Gabriella is finally getting married this week!!!!!!!!!!  She is so dang ready, it{s ridiculous.  We{re also working with two families, the Ojedas and the Andrades.  They are the cutest and I just love them so much!  I absolutely love teaching families and testifying of the sealing power of the temples.  The church is so happy and so true!

Thanks so much to everyone for all the birthday wishes!  We}ll see what we{ll do to celebrate.  My companion is turing 20 on friday so maybe we{ll make us a cake or something.

The church is true!

Hermana Bytheway

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