Tuesday, August 27, 2013

One more week of August...

I got my packages!!!!!  But only from you guys and one from David.  I haven{t gotten Grandma{s yet so hopefully i{ll get it soon.  Did she put pictures of Jesus on it?  I LOVED everything about my package!!!!!  Thank you so so so so so much!!!!!!!!  I{ve already eaten a lot of the treats and worn both of my shirts and showed a bunch of people the pictures.  So so happy to get packages!!

yayyyy packages!!!!

Oh i ate cuy!!!!!!  And for those who dont speak spanish, that is GUINEA PIG.  Those things you find at the pet store.  Yeah I ate one.  Don{t worry, I{ll include pictures.  And when you eat cuy you eat the whooooole thing.  Skin, meat, insides, and all.  And I took a video of me eating the foot.  The whole foot.  Toenails, hair, bones.  Hahahaha it acutally wasnt that bad.  Just a lil hard.  But the skin wasnt very good at all.  Oh you just chew and chew and chew and chew and it doesnt go away.  After a while it made me feel sick.  And then that night I woke up with the WORST stomach ache so I went to the bathroom and I went the worst diarreah ever.  Oh it was bad.  But I ate guinea pig.  So it{s all good.  And then the next day we ate a soup that consisted of sardines and peanut butter.  Worst combo ever.  Way to ruin the best food ever.  But yeah I{m still living so its all good.  I guess I could ask for less food but then later I{m starving.  So I just eat the huge lunch and then eat a lil suhum suhum at night.


ate the whole thing!!!

The Ojeda boys are the cutest ever!!!  The mom was baptized in the catholic church and she doesnt want to be baptized again.  And the dad I think wants to but is super influenced by his wife.  But I know they{re going to be sealed as a family someday!  I love them so so much!!

In our sector there are 4 hermanas in one ward.  In other wards there are either 2 or 4 missionaries in each.  And in Cuenca there is just one stake with like 7 wards.

We still havent found a new apartment and I{m going crazy.  Heating up water every morning to shower and washing the dishes with cold water is getting pretty old.  It makes me super grateful for hot running water.

Mari sent me pictures of Katie{s wedding.... HOLY GORGEOUS.  I wish so bad I could have been there!!  She looked soooo happy!!  And that{s crazy about Dani!!  Tell them congrats for me.

So cute Dallin is in high school!  Hahahah in the picture he looks thrilled.  Definitely never had Mrs. Waters.  Don{t even know who she is.

Oh tell Ellen Limkaichong I got her letter!  She is so sweet!

Well this week has been suuuuuper rough.  I feel like we{ve worked and worked and tried every way possible to find new investigators and nothing is working.  But I think the Lord is just trying my faith and I need to just keep working, even when it{s hard.  The adversary is trying to impede the work of the Lord by making us feel inadequate and discouraged but we can{t let that get to us.  Today is changes and I was hoping for a change but nope.  Everything is the same.  So we{re just going to have to figure out what we need to change so we can have success here.

Umm well I think that{s all.  Thanks so much for everything!  I am seriously so so grateful for my family.  I have seen so many super sad family situations here and I have realized how blessed I am to have been born in such an incredible family with the knowledge of the gopsel.

The church is true!!

Hermana Bytheway

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