Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Re: Labor Day


So remember how last week I thought I was staying in Cuenca?  Well Monday night at like 10:45 we get a call from the zone leaders and he told Hna May and I that we have to be at the terminal at 1:00 AM because we are going to train in Guayaquil.  SURPRISE!!!!!  Oh we were running around like crazies trying to shower and pack and get everything ready.  I was actually sad to be leaving there because I am going to miss the members and my converts and investigators there.  But yeah, so we took the bus to Guayaquil which is like a 5 hour bus ride and I couldnt sleep at all.  Most uncomfortable bus ever.  But it was fine because at 8:00 that morning we went to the TEMPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I was SO.  HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Presidente Torres started a new tradition that all the trainers do a session before they get their new companions.  How happy is that??  So happy.  I cannot even explain how happy it was.

But yeah then we had our training all day Tuesday which was great.  Acually no, we had to wait for about 5 hours before all the new people came.  And then we had our training.  Oh and then they told me I was actually going to Loja.  The capital of the Virgen del Cisne.  Yay.  And then we stayed the night at the nurses house and then took our 9 hour bus ride to Loja.  So that was fun.  But I met Elder Moreno who lives in the 24th ward in Sandy.  Do you know him?  I feel like you know everyone in that ward.

Anyway so I{m in Loja training.  Mi hija is Hermana Ynoñan from Lima, Peru.  She{s 21 and the sweetest ever.  But her accent is crazy and I have a hard time understanding her.  But she{s awesome and has a super strong testimony.  I feel bad though because we{re opening a sector here and it{s been really rough.  We are literally starting from nothing.  We dont even have an area book.  But we share the area with the zone leaders and they{ve been helping us.  But the area is hUUUUUUUUUGEEEEE and it{s not even a ward, it{s a branch.  But the members are super excited to have us because they really want to be a ward.  So it will be good.  It{s just going to be really really hard.  And my poor companion wants out.  Today she had a meltdown and said she misses her family and wants to go home.  I told her I know exactly how she feels and that all missionaries feel the same way at first but it gets better and that all of the hard times here help us learn and grow.  So hopefully I was able to help her a little bit.  I{ts hard enough trying to comfort someone in english, let alone spanish.  But anyway, that{s what{s been going down this past week.  Oh but happy news!  The senior couple from the states is in our zone!  And apparently they always make us really yummy american food!  And our house is super super nice.  We have a microwave, a washing machine, a boatload of storage space, an oven, and an ironing board, none of which I have ever had in the mission.  So thats happy.

Oh the package was PERFECT!!  I loved everything!  The shrink wrap worked really well.  But I still havent gotten Grandma Bye{s package.  There{s a possibility I{ll get it today though?  I{ll let you know as soon as I get it.

Uhh I definitly havnet had baptisms every week I´ve been here.  I{ve had 9 total, 3 of which were on the smae day.  And I{ve been here for a lot more than 9 weeks.  But Presidente has a lot of hope for Loja so we just need to work hard to find the people who are waiting for us.  Apparently they are sending the best missionaries to Loja to explotarlo and quitar la tapa that{s been on Loja.  So I{m not sure why I{m here but I{m just gonna go for it and remember that the Lord trusts us and will help us.

Ohhhh I{m super jealous of your BBQ!  Take pictures and send them to me!  Ohh and especially take pictures of Brenden at his blessing!  Are you still going to do that at the house?  Let me know how that goes.

Oh remember my 6th grade teacher Mrs. Baker??  The other hermana that lives with us totally looks like her!!!  hahahaha it{s hilarious.  Bless her heart, she just got here and she doesn{t know any spanish.  But she{s super determined to learn it so i{ve been trying to help her.  Hahahaha but when we{re all in the house in the morning and at night i just interpret for her and her companion.  Bless their hearts.

So on all the bus rides, i{ve been reading Our Heritage.  It{s super good!  Everyone should read it!  There were a lot of stories and history that I had never heard before so it was super interesting to read about it.  It{s incredible what the early saints sacrificed in order to build up the kingdom of God.

Mmkay well I think that{s about it.  I hope all is well back at home!  Know you all are always in my prayers!

Always remember that the only way to true happiness is living the gospel principles and keeping the commanments.  We have been so blessed with Christ{s Atonement- the invitation to repent is always there, we just need to reach out and take it.

Love you all!

Hermana Bytheway

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