Friday, September 27, 2013

Bed Bugs or Fleas?

Mommy thanks so much for what you said!  That is exactly what I needed to hear.  It{s super easy to get discouraged.  I feel like we{ve been working super hard without success.  The Lord is definitely trying my patience.  i was reading the talk that elder Uchtdorf gave a few years ago about patience and I realized that everything is done in the Lords timing and it is our purpose to develop the faith and confidence in His will according to His timing.  and like you said, through these difficult times, we grow the most and the Lord mold us in His hands to be able to reach our maximum potentials.  It{s just hard sometimes though because the zone leaders are always like Hermana Bytheway, your numbers are super low and have been for the past 3 weeks,  you need to work harder, you need to have fechas, you need to have more people at church.  I{m honestly trying to be patient but all the pressure from the zls make it super hard.  Our leaders are super awesome and are trying to help us but at the same time they make me a bit  crazy.

OH and our zone split, so now there are 2 zones in Loja.  And hermana lopez, the hermana leader, is in the other zone.  So I{m going to be the new hermana leader of our zone.......  what in the world.  I am completely inadequate to be a leader but that{s why the Lord gives us callings right?  Not so much that we are the best fit for it but because we need to learn something.  So yeah, things are crazy but i{m just keepin on goin.

I{m not sure what kind of creatures are in my bed.  but i think it{s better now.  I washed my sheets and blankets and everything so I think we{re alright.  and I put the flea collar in there so no worries.  And I was already planning on giving away all my clothes before i came home.  there{s no way in heck i am putting on any of these blasted skirts or shirts one more day of my life after i finish my mission.

hahahahaha i dont know what people think about my accent or my whiteness.  some people think i{m from brazil or europe though.  and some people believe me when i tell them i{m from ecuador.  haahaha so who knows.

hahahahahahahahaha sounds like your stats class is super fun.  dont stress about it, just keep going.  read what you wrote to me about being patient with yourself :)  haha but youre not too old!  dont give up!  You dont have to get 100% on everything.

i know i am suuuuper sad about grandmas package!!  i was really looking forward to getting it!  but there is still hope that i{ll get it!  another hermana said she didnt get one of her packages until ike 3 or 4 months after it was sent.  so dont lose hope, grandma!!

hahahahaha i loved the story about the dogs.  i miss them!  i{ve grown to hate dogs here.  they smell and poop all over the streets and make more dogs all over the  streets and follow us and bark when i try to talk to people.

ohhhhhh my heck that video of brenden was the cutest thing ever!!!! (i especially loved rachel snorting at the end) keep sending me videos of him!!  but that{s happy about big brenden{s seizures!  what do they do at the alternative medicine place?  hahaha of course you bought the baby more clothes.  i  hope you spoil my children as much as you spoil him.

so cute... dallin in his marching band uniform!  how is he liking that?  hahahah the color guard girls always ruin everything.  byu{s are awful too.  oh but the U{s were good!  so maybe they{re not all bad.

yayyyy happy birhtday to cameron!!!!!!!!!!!  are you going to do something to celebrate before he leaves? or when he gets back from south carolina?  take a picture of the festivites and send it to me!  you should go to tucanos.  mmmmm that sounds super good right now.  and eat a chicken heart!  oh i ate a chicken heart here the other day.  in my noodle soup.  it was just randomly floating there.  and i{m pretty sure my bowl was the only one with with a heart.  but yeah, i just ate it. but i had to take off the artery.  couldnt get myself to eat that part.

today at the supermaxi i got a shoppers card sort of thing.  It was super exciting!  it says my name and everything!  so we{ll get 5% off every time we buy!  woo hoo!

oh it sounds like the conferences were good!  ummm crazy conference is in just a few weeks!  so weird. especially because last conference in october was when i decided to serve a mission and here i am!  with less than a year left.... it{s crazy how time passes suuuper fast but suuuuuuper slow at the same time.  anyway.

i hope things are going well back at home.  know each and every one of you are always in my prayers, morning and night, and more throughout the day.  I love you all so so much!

Hermana Bytheway

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