Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Field Trip!

July 15, 2014

so yesterday we went on a fieldtrip with all of the missionaries in cuenca!!!!  it was awesome.  we had a conference and they told us to bring tennis shoes and an umbrella.  we thought we were going to have an object lesson or something but then after the conference president was like everyone get on the bus!  we{re going to ingapilca!!!  yayyyyy!!!!!!!  it{s the first fun thing i{ve done here.  so it was pretty sweet.  the only bad thing is that it took away our whole pday so today we have 15 minutes to write and 30 to buy groceries.  but it was worth it.

we had a baptism saturday of the 12 year old!!  i dont have pictures becasue my camera wasnt working.  but next week i{ll get them from my compy!  so that was fun.  the vivanco family didnt get baptized this week.... they got in a fight and the dad went out and got drunk.  but we went and visited them with president and now they are super excited for this saturday!  we also have another baptism of yolanda this saturday.  she{s 21 and has the cuuuutest baby!!!!  so things are good.

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