Wednesday, August 13, 2014

July 28, 2014

July 28, 2014

so yeah i had cambios.  and guess who is my companion.....  Hermana Mosley.  Yeah we seriously thought it was a joke.  But it{s for REALS!!!!!!!!  We are just to darn happy.  We just crack each other up.  She{s hilarious.  She{s half black so she brings out my black side.  Her personality is a mix of Kirstie and Makenzie Legge.  It{s the best.  And she always says that her and mommy are bffs. she be a diva.

so we{re in loja and it{s just great.  Well we havent had much time to work because we had the zone conference and interviews.  but we are teaching this family who has soooo many questions which i love!  and then they came to church butnow they went to cisne for that whole mess of the virgin del cisne.... so they{ll be back in a month.  so hopefully we{ll be able to save them from that priestcraft.

these are of the museum that we went to.  that was the field trip of loja.  so i felt pretty special i got to go on 2 field trips.  the dress at the end is the dress of the virgin del cisne...... que apostasia.

these are from the little castle thing we went to today.  that was pretty sweet.  we also ate hamburgers.  and did laundry in our WASHING MACHINE!!!!!!!!!!!!  i am so excited we have a washing machine.  except it leaks like crazy so we{re going to have to fix that...

oh my heck yesterday we were talking to this guy and we were verifying everything, something we have to do the first contact.  we have to verify if they have problems with word of wisdom, law of chastity, going to church, or question 4 of the baptismal interview, which asks if they{ve ever killed anyone, been to jail, or participated in an abortion or a homosexual relationship.  so we were verifying the homosexual relationship and he like freaks out.  he{s like hombre con hombre?????????  what????  why would anyone do that????  what is the point of women then?????  and we were like yeah, it{s against God{s laws pues.  And he just kept going, like hombre con hombre, en serio??????  why would i be with another hombre????  for like 3 minutes.  and we were just dying trying not to laugh.  but he accepted to be baptized so that{s happy!

okay well i dont really have much more to say.  I am just happy to be here!  I{m so grateful to be a representative of our Savior.  I have learned so much about His Atonement and I have grown to know Him more.  I testify of the infinite and unconditional love He has for us.  We can{t do anything that will make us unworthy of that love.  I know we can be healed through Him.

I love you all so much!!!

Hermana Bytheway

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