Tuesday, August 5, 2014

July 7, 2014

July 7, 2014

I am so so happy to be back in Cuenca.  But for reals.  We won{t talk about the bed bugs because they definitely have already eaten me but it{s fine.  You met  Hermana Mojica.  She is the one from Nicaragua pues.  But I was only with her for 6 days and then she left and then mi hija got here!!  Hermana Brule is my compy again!  Yayy!!  She is the cutest.  We are super happy to be together again!

Oh someone in my ward has your same name!  Her name is Conchita.  Concha is shell and then with the ita it{s like ie.  cute!

So yeah, we had changes.  Again.  But I{m super happy being with mi hija again!  We are having lots of fun running from bus to bus to visit everyone.  We are still trying to keep up both programs and it{s kind of crazy because there are people everywhere!  But we havent gotten toooo lost so that{s good.  I{ll tell you about the people we are teaching.  Gunther is who got baptized last week.  He is from Guayaquil but is living with his uncle who is the 2nd counselor in the stake presidency.  He is so awesome and is so anxious to keep learning more!  He{ll be an awesome missionary.  This week there is a family who is going to be baptized, la familia vivanco.  They have 2 little girls who are just adorable.  It was hard for them to adjust when the elders left but now they realize that hermanas are cooler because we can hug them!  Hahaha and we are just cooler anyway.  hehe jk.  But they are so awesome and super excited to be baptized!  We are also working with these 12 year old twin boys who{s family is all members but they{re not.  It is like pulling teeth trying to get them to do anything... bAhhh!!  Pero bueno.  It{s good preparation for my future kids I guess.  We are also teaching Ricardo who is 23.  His whole family are members too.  He{s super excited to be baptized as well.  Oh and we also found this family who are soooo cute!  We found the mom at a little fruit store and we talked to her about how families can be forever and she just lit up and told us how she wanted her family to be happier and eternal.  They are going to be baptized next month.  Seriously I just love Cuenca and los cuencanos so much!  i really hope I finish there but you never know with all the crazy changes in this mission.

Today we had leadership council in Guayaquil.  I thought I was done being hermana leader because in our zone there are nurses and they are always hls but 3 days ago they called and said that not anymore!  hahaha so hna viloria and I are hls together again!  she is the one that i was hls with in machala for 3 months.  hahaha fun fun!  she is hilarious so we had lots of fun together this weekend.

Um I think that{s all I have to say now.  I{m happy to be here as a servant of the Lord!  The gospel is so true and so perfect and it makes me so happy reading it and studying it all day everyday!  I love you so much and I am so grateful for all of your love and support!

con mucho amor,
Hermana Bytheway

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