Tuesday, July 8, 2014

June 30, 2014

So I got transferred!!!!  Thursday morning I got changed to CUENCA!!!!  Yayyy!!!  I am soooo happy!!  My companion is Hermana Mojica again!  Ha!  I am in a sector called Miraflores.  Before the changes, there were elders with us here but when I got here, they took out the elders.  And Hna Mojica has only been here for a week so we get lost quite a bit...  We also had to take over the elders´ program so we have been running around like crazy people trying to visit all of our investigators.  I love it!!  I´m super tired from all of the hills and running to get to places in time but I´m so happy!

On Saturday we had a baptism and Satan was working sooo hard to frustrate us alll day long!  In the morning I forgot my nametag and we didnt have time to go back to the house so I made one at lunch... hahaha one of the members asked me if I was from the reformed lds church.  No.  I just am forgetful....  Then we got lost about 8 thousand times and took the wrong bus and spent a ton on taxis taking us to the wrong places.  Then about a half hour before the baptism we realized that we didnt fill the font!!!  So we were running back and forth with buckets trying to fill it before he got there.  And there was no gas so the water was cold.  But it all worked out and he got baptized!  Yay!  Then that night when we were going to bed we realized we never turned the water off in the font!  Oh my heck we prayed soooo hard!!  The next morning we ran to to the church and the font was empty.  The Lord answers prayers!  I have another story showing the Lord answers prayers but I´ll just send you the picture because I dont want to have to write it again.

Sorry I worried you last week.  I was just getting really frustrated with myself.  But looking back, I´m so grateful for the time I had in Almendros.  I learned sooooo much patience!

Oh yeah I definitely remembered Baby Brenden´s birthday on Thursday!  Even ask my compañera.  Don´t worry, when I get home, I´ll tend him and he won´t even miss his parents because he´ll love me so much.

Ecuador is out of the world cup.

Hahahaha I can totally picture Dallin right now.  Tell him to write me back!  Oh my heck that reminds me of one time when we were in a cyber emailing and there was this guy (he had to be at least 30) on the other computer with headphones watching a youtube video of some sappy love song and was singing along, in complete falsetto.  Baahahahaha my compnaion and I were dying.

Mmkay well I think that´s all.  Know that I love you all so so so much and am always praying for you!  Don´t even worry about me, I am super happy and working my hardest!  I am so grateful for this sacred time I´ve had to be a missionary and come to know my Savior more.  I know He lives!

Love you!

Hermana Bytheway

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