Tuesday, July 8, 2014

June 16, 2014

June 16, 2014

the first pictures are of my zone.  hahaha they´re all goofballs.  but it´s great.  when i get home, remind me to show you how elder monje talks.  he´s hilarious.

then the next pictures are of us with hermano victor and angelita and her son christian.  victor is a chef and made us caldo de bolo.  not sure why we all had to do the same pose with the soup.... hahaha his shorts crack me up.  he always wears those.  when i was here last year, hermano victor introduced us to angela and christian and we brought them to church but then i was transferred so i didnt get to see their baptism.  but they are so happy in the church!!  they ALWAYS give us food.  yesterday after they gave us a big bowl of soup and rice and chicken, hermana angelita looks at me and she´s like ¨you´re looking chubby!!  i love when i see the missionaries looking chubby!!¨  so there ya go.

then we have hermano roosevelt´s baptism!!!  he was just a little blessing straight out of heaven.  his son, anthony was baptized a year ago but then went inactive.  we found them looking for inactives on the ward list and they´ve been coming to church the past few weeks.  roosevelt said he was baptized when he was 17 but his records didnt appear anywhere.  but a t the time he was living with his girlfriend so he couldnt get baptized anyway.  then a couple weeks ago he kicked her out of the house!!  yay!!  he wasnt too happy that he had to be baptized again because he said that God saw his baptism and thats all that matters but we explained that if he didnt, he wouldnt be able to go to the temple.  we taught him the plan of salvation and the spirit was so strong!  then he was super excited for his baptism.  and then he got baptized.  yay!  he is hilarious.  they have a cat named Bamboocha and the two of them call it in the exact same way and it just cracks me up.  they are the cutest and i just hope he can find a cute wifey so they can be sealed in the temple!!  which reminds me... i have a question.  a single parent cant be sealed to their children, right?  how does that work?

My companion made rice and milk today.... She cant´be stopped.
I´ve been reading the general conference talks this past week and it just shows how this church is so true!!  the gospel is so perfect and I just love it so much!

The other day it hit me that I only have 9 weeks left and I had a little panic attack.  And every time I think about it I have another one.  AAAAHHHH!!!  I feel like I still need to learn soooooooo much still!!!  So just pray for me because finishing just scares me a lil.
But dont worry, I am just super happy to be a missionary!!  I have grown to love my Savior so much!!  I know that He lives and that He guides His church and His work of Salvation for all of us.

Thank you for everything!!  I love you all!!!

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