Tuesday, July 8, 2014

June 2, 2014

June 2, 2014

Sorry I hardly ever take pictures.  It makes me nervous bringing my camera with me in Guayaquil.  So that´s why you only see pictures of me in our house...  But this is my new compy!!  Her name is Hermana Arizala, she´s from Esmeraldas, which is in northern Ecuador.  Her mission was in Mexico but she got sick and got sent home and then sent here.  I´m finishing training here so shés my hijastra but she´s hermana Ynoñán´s hija so she´s my nieta!  What are the odds.  She´s 24 and she loves to cook.... sooooooo looks like the hope of me losing weight went out of the window.  Today she made a dessert with peaches and crackers and sweetened condensed milk.  And tortillas de yuca which is my favorite ecuadorean food!!!

This past week we put tons of fechas but of course they didnt come to church.......  BAAAHHH!!!!  But we still love them and are going to do everything possible so they can be baptized.  

Yesterday we had a training with all of the bishops, ward mission leaders, and missionaries of the stake.  And President Torres was there.  It was awesome and will help this stake grow.  Then afterward President asked us if we needed a ride.  And then on the way he was like is that okay if i go with you to your lesson?  It was so scary but so awesome at the same time!  We visited Jorge Luis who has been struggling for the past 2 weeks and President was able to help him a lot.  We also visited the Grace family who are recently activated and helped them set a goal to go to the temple.  I know these people really well and the problems that they are going through, but President didnt know anything.  But it was incredible to see how he said things that was able to help them with those problems.  Obviously he had the spirit and was able to discern what they needed without knowing.  It was awesome.  President is the best.  

Elder Oaks and Elder Clayton are coming this weekend!  I think Friday we´re having consejo de lideres with him and then Saturday a conference with all the missionaries in Guayaquil.  It should be pretty awesome!   

We´re just so happy here!  Yay!!  Love you all!!  :)

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