Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Happy Memorial Day!

May 26, 2014

That sounds fun about the yard!!  I miss weeding.....  Ha.  But at least working in the yard you dont have to look presentable and you can get wet.  Oh my gosh yesterday I was getting claustrophobic I was so hot.  We were teaching in this house with zero air flow.  Seriously I was suffocating.

So rumor has it Elder Oaks is coming next week!  Sooo that should be pretty sweet if it really is for reals.

We are slowly finding people to teach!  Yesterday we brought the most to church that I have in this sector.  One is a TJ and left running at the end.  He is super hard hearted and knows the church is true but he´s too stubborn to be baptized.  We are also teaching this lady and her 3 grandsons.  They are the cutest but they have had problems with people who were members so she´s not too excited about getting baptized.  She also has a testimony of the Book of Mormon.  So hopefully we´ll be able to help her.  We are also helping this less active joven whose parents arent members.  Well his dad says he is but his records are nowhere to be found.  But they need to get married.  And this other couple too.  So hopefully we´ll be seeing some weddings going on here soon.  Because we still dont have anyone with a fecha which is suuuuuper frustrating.  Saturday night I was like what in the world am I supposed to be doing here. Obviously the Lord wanted to teach me faith, obedience, humility, and diligence.  In great depth.... because I feel like He´s been trying me for sooooo long.  But I really am grateful for all that I´ve been able to learn.  I know that I wouldnt have been able to learn all of that any other way.  I´ve realized that we really need to be constantly improving, each and every day.  Maybe our level of obedience or faith was okay for yesterday but not for today or tomorrow.  If we want to reach our divine potential, we have to be constantly improving.  The Lord expects more and more from us as we learn each day.

My hair dries at least once during the day and at night.  I´m taking the biotin but I dont know if it´s helping or not.  It´s helping my nails grow faster and the hair on my arms and legs grow faster but I´m not sure if it´s keeping me from going bald.  But i´ll keep taking it.  It´s my only hope for right now.

bahahahaha it made me laugh hearing about your ppi.

Hahaha you are so funny Mommy.  It´s okay that you´re trunky.  I know it´s only going to get worse so I´m not going to fight it.

The pictures are of lunch I made.  I made arroz con gafas and maduro frito.  which is rice with glasses (eggs) and fried really ripe plantains.  oh and beans.  Not gonna lie, I´m pretty awesome at making ecuadorean food.  simplified version.   and the other picture is of an iguana in the tree in the park by our house.  they are huge and everywhere and kind of a little bit scare me.  oh one time we saw an iguana, like a foot long, run under the gate of a house and when we looked in the gate to see where it was gonig, we see this huge husky run over and kill it!  gross.  people eat iguana here if you didnt knowt that before.  i hear it´s good.  oooooh yesterday the mamita made us brownies!!!!!!  i was sewwww heppy!!!

anyway.  we´re out of time.  but know that I love you and I´m praying for you alllll the time!!!  I plead with the Lord to bless you all for the service I´m giving Him here.  I know He hears my prayers!

Love you all!!!!!!!!!

Hermana Bytheway

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