Saturday, November 2, 2013

FW: Better Week?


Hiiiiiiiiiii...........  Shine bright like a tsdiamond.... (bahahaha tell cameron that song played in Supermaxi last week and I just died laughing thinking about us singing that together)

Mmmkay so here is my list of what I would like in my Christmas box...
-conferences of may and october 2013
-toothbrushes with the little tongue cleaner on the back.  like 3?
-new bottom retainer.  the one i have is cracking like crazy so i dont think its doing much good.
-peanut butter
-peanut butter bars
-peanut butter m&ms (basically i{m dying without my peanut butter.  they have jiffy at supermaxi but it{s $10....)
-music on a micro sd card if brenden hasnt sent it already
-letters from the family
-the baby
-mini hymn book in english
-something to keep me from going bald.  really though i feel like i am losing soooo much hair!!  i bought "crecipelo" shampoo which says that it helps "with the fall of the hair" but who even knows if it really works.  but really i dont want to be bald.  depressing...

Yeah tha{ts what i came up with of what i want in the package.  I hope you dont feel like i{m demanding all of that.  you just asked what i wanted so i told you.  but thanks so much for thinking of me and my christmas :)  you are the best mommy ever!!

oh.  so gross.  for a "dessert" the other day, we had miel con quesillo, which is cheese and honey.  the cheese here is awful enough.  and who thought to put honey on it??? so gross.

but today the missionary couple bought us lunch!  they are the cutest.

Yesterday i had to give a talk in church.  one of the other elders spoke and one of the ward missionaries who is preparing for a mission.  i think it went pretty well actually!  one of the young women said it was the best sacrament meeting so at least she liked it.  hopefully the other members enjoyed it and got at least a little bit more excited about missionary work.  for the most part, they{re usually pretty willing to say they can come with us on visits, but they bail at the last minute wayyyy too much.  they are also hard to get referrals from. but we{re helping them realize the importance they have in missionary work so it{s all good.

oh so yesterday we went to the branch that goes to our building in the afternoon because we got to our branch late and missed the sacrement.  so after the sacrament, we stayed to hear the other hermana , hermana cambal, give her talk and after she finishes, they{re like, and now we{ll have a special musical number by all the missionaries.  and hermana cambal is like you guys too!!!  umm alright.  haha so we get up to the front and hermana cambal is giving us instructions of how we{re singing the song as we{re singing!  hahaha there were 2 other elders, one of them from utah, so we sang parts in english and parts in spanish.  anyway.  i just thought it was funny we were planning the musical number as we were singing it.

yesterday we helped one of our eternal investigators move houses (the dad has to get divorced and marry the mom.... takes sooooo long to sort all that stuff out.  but they are the cutest!).  but i was washing the dishes and one of the mugs said "caffee".  hahahah i dont know why but it just made me laugh way hard to myself and there wasnt anyone around who spoke english.  because it{s spelled like you{re saying it with an eastern accent, ya know?  but thats how you would pronounce it saying it in a spanish accent... anyway.  i thought it was funny.

oh i was going to ask you when you sent my other package but i kept forgetting.  why did you send an envelope with a pencil in it?  i mean, i appreaciated the pencil but i just htought it was random .

oofff the guy next to me smells fresssshhhh......  gotta love the smells of ecuador.  oh, cleaning out the house and moving all the stuff, we got lotsa nice smells.  a lot of the cupboards smelled like old chinese food.  mmmmmmmm gross....

hahahahaha i love how you said that someone just made up stats.  i definitely agree.

hahahahaha the water doesnt smell bad.  or maybe it does and i{m just used to the smell of ecuador.  i{ll probably come home smelling bad and i wont even know.  great.  will you tell me if i smell bad and help me get rid of it?  thanks.  the view from my desk faces west.  

oh boo hoo, you couldnt see the baby for a week.....   I DONT EVEN KNOW HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  yeah, it{s fine.

sounds crazy about dallin and all his band practices.  hahaha but at least it gives him something better to do than watch youtube videos of people playing video games.

this past week my companion has been sick so we had to stay in the house a lot.  the only good thing about that was i got to read a bunch of conference talks!  i looooove conference talks sooooo so so much!  i{m excited to read all the talks from this past conference :)

oh my heck i cannot even tell you how many investigators that have had problems listening to us or coming to church or getting baptized because of family members.  Just about all of them here, i think.  they refuse to listen to us and they refuse to let their family members listen to us too.  it{s so sad!  because the family should be there to be a support system and should be more unified through the gospel.  it makes me so grateful for the family that i have been blessed with!

ummmm what is with brendens hair.  is he trying to be a hipster?  now he just needs the glasses.  but ohhhhhh my heck the baby is sooooo cute and is growing sooo much!  i looooooove all the pictures rachel sent me!!!!  hahahahaha especially the one of him on the grass looking off to the side.  my companion said it{s a face i would make....

anyway i think that{s about all for todee.  thank you for everything!!  know that i am praying for each one of you every day!  i love you!!!

Hermana Bytheway

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