Monday, November 11, 2013

More Pictures from Cuenca

we ate pizza hut todeeeeee

so for the fiestas de cuenca, everyone eats pan de guaguas (pronounced wa-was) which means niño, or like baby or little kid.  made out of bread.  and colada morada.  which is a hot drink made out of this purple wheat thing and a bunch of fruit like pineapple and apple and strawberry and raspberry and peaches.  and a bunch of other stuff.  its actually pretty good!  we had it at 3 peoples house the past 3 days so i´m kind of sick of it now.  but i guess it´s kind of like memorial day slash dia de los muertos because they would put the pan and the colada on the graves of people so they could eat it too.  anyway.  so that´s that. 

this is danilo and his family.  the lady is carmen and the guy is patricio and their 3 kids, who are all members.  and then danilo is carmens brother who we are teaching.  and then the old lady is danilo and carmens mom.  I LOOOOOVE this family soooooo much!!!!!!  They are all hilarious and so so sweet!!  
Danilo is doing so so well!  but oh my heck, he almost didnt come to church this sunday but finally made it at the very end.  And he loved it!  Everyone was really good about saying hi to him so he felt super comfortable and welcome.  And he is always full of questions.  Like the other day we were talking about diezmo and at the end we asked if he had any questions and he was like yeah, here in la guia de las escrituras under ¨diablo¨ it says that he lost his first estate... what is that??  haha we were like uhhhhh....... we´ll look up more about that and get back to ya.  and then the other day he asked why all the apostles were white and none from south america.  so we told him to read what they say and pray to know if they were called by God.  I didnt know how to respond!!  Que bestia.  But he´s awesome.  Super excited to learn and be baptized here soon! 

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