Monday, November 11, 2013

Transferred to Galapagos?


So I got transferred to Galapagos!!!  Kidding.  Still in Cuenca!  This past week was fiestas de cuenca, which was happy.  NO one really celebrates halloween.  I saw one person wearing face paint but that´s about it.  But we dressed up!!!!  I was a tree and Hna Ayer was a zebra and her companion Hna Clark was a mermaid and my companion was a bird.....  Arent we so creative.  And I ate a sucker. So that was the extent of our Halloween celebration.

And we couldnt really celebrate the fiestas de cuenca besides eating the guaguas and the colada.  They had a bunch of parties and markets and cool stuff like that.  oh and mark anthony came here so that was exciting.  we went to the concert.  front row tickets.  it was pretty awesome.

today when i was making my bed there was a huge spider!!!  i really dont mind spiders and i just kill them when i see them but really? in my bed.  that made me mad.

Yesterday we went and visited a less active lady who is like 20 something and ohhhhh my heck.  it was the craziest thing ever.  so she was atheist.  still is actually.  but anyway, a few years ago she started going to church with her cousin and kept going for like 2 years because she liked how she felt there.  and after 2 years of going and like 8 different baptismal interviews, she finally got baptized.  but she had to get special permission from the mission president because she doesnt believe in God, which is question number one of the interview.  so she got baptized but went inactive because she felt like she was deceiving herself.  but it was just so sad because she is so torn and confused because she said her heart wants to be mormon but her head is atheist and cant believe in God.  So sad.  And then she told us a bunch of other super sad details of her life and it just made me cry!  She feels so alone and lost and I felt like anything I could tell her had to do with God and Christ and how much they love her.  Anyway.  That was the most intense lesson I´ve ever had.  Pray for her if you can?  her name is Andrea.

Ohhhh my heck!  We found an American!  We saw him one day walking with tons of groceries so we helped him carry them to his house.  His name is Tim and he is from New Jersey and is 24, graduated in Psychology but wanted to travel the world, so he is here teaching english.  So we set up an appointment with him for a couple days later.  So the day we went for the appointment, we went with the bishops wife who is this old sweet innocent American lady who doesnt get out much.  Literally. she hardly ever leaves the house.  So we go to his house and were knocking on the door forever and he didnt answer.  Then we went to call him.  didnt answer.  so we decide to go back one more time to knock on the door.  And he answered the door with just a towel on!  Hahahahaha i didnt see him because i was leaned up against the wall and the door opened the other way.  I just saw the reaction of my companion and the bishops wife.... hahahahahah they were mortified.  So hilarious.  anyway so then he put some clothes on and let us in but he only had like 10 minutes to talk to him.  So we start with a prayer and we start asking him about some of his beliefs.... ohhhhh my heck.  he hates the idea of God as a guy up in heaven controlling everything in the world.  He thinks God is a woman, like mother nature.  And he thinks that Jesus Christ was just a good talker.  And the bible is just written by a bunch of guys.  And all christian religions are like the catholics, who went to south america and killed the people who wouldnt be converted.  and then he was like yeah, i definitely wont be able to commit to join your church or anything because i like to drink and i´m not willing to give that up.  ummmm alrightyyy then.... hahahahaha the bishops wifes face was hysterical when he said that.  anyway.  he said he would come to church on sunday but he wouldnt answer on sunday.  we´re thinking he was hung over.

Our house is so happy!  Every morning we sing hymns in harmony and it is the best ever!!!  Dont worry, we still speak spanish....  when we talk to spanish people....

que bestia is like ´what a beast´ and que pena is... i dont know how to explain it.  ask cameron.

i actually think i might have dandruff again?  i dont know.  sometimes i do and sometimes i dont.  but it´s super little and white.  so i dont know what that means.  but yeah, send me the pills for my hair!!!!  that would be happy.

i tried using the card again and it didnt work.  is it checking, savings, or credit?

all this week i was thinking about your halloween chili and breadsticks.  so sad i couldnt eat that.  but that baby is the cutest thing i have ever seen in his costume.

that sounds crazy about marching band.  but thats super awesome they got second!!!

i want to see rachel´s hair!!

ummmm do i want to see wicked????????????  is that a question??????????  i would think i would be home by then.  i dunno though.

mmkay i think thats all.  thanks for everything!!!!  I love you!!!!!!!

Hermana Bytheway

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