Monday, November 11, 2013

I'm back in Cuenca!!!


I´m back in Cuenca!!!!!!!!  Monday night we got back to our apartment and the zone leaders were there to tell us we had changes.  I´ve never had changes where the they come to our house and tell us in person.  so that was exciting.  haha i honestly think the zone leaders were sad to see us go.  we were super tight with them since we were in the same ward.  But yeah so Tuesday morning we left at 6 to Cuenca!  I met my new companion there and hermana ynoñan went to Guayaquil.  Hahaha she started crying because she didnt want to be in the heat.  Poor thing.  So my new companion is Hermana Alvarado and she is AMERICAN!!!!!!!!!!  She´s from West Valley, but her parents are from El Salvador and Guatemala, so she´s latina and speaks pretty decent spanish, even though she´s only been in the mission 3 weeks.  Her personailty is Shelby Page.  And her voice.  She is basically Shelby Page in every way.  ANDDDDDD we live with Hermana Ayer and she is also training a gringa, hermana clark.  Sooooo basically our house is the greatest ever.  I´m not sure what President was thinking when he put 4 americans in a house together but I love him for it!!!  Oh and our house is ridiculous.  There are 2 floors, 3 bathrooms, and toooons of room.  AND we have a camera slash intercom thing!!  hahaha no one ever comes to our door but we sure have fun with it.

Our ward is Tarqui, which includes the centro of Cuenca.  It is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!  It reminds me of Spain.  Love it.  Oh and full gringos.  Our bishop is from New Mexico and there are tons of old couples in the ward that reitred here from the States.  Between all of them and my companion and the other hermanas, I am speaking so much english!!!  weird.  but dont worry, i´m not forgetting my spanish.

So the hermanas that we here before us were opening up a sector so we´re un poquito bajo with investigators.  But we´re teaching one of the member´s brothers who is wayyyyy awesome!  His name is Danilo and he´s 20.  He LOVES reading the Book of Mormon.  He reads all that we leave him to read, plus more.  His sister told us he was asking her questions that she didnt even know.  The only problem is that he left sunday to go visit his mom because he´s the only child that can go take care of her.  We promised him that if he went to church, his mom would be blessed even more and you could tell he was super torn but decided to leave.  que pena.  but hés really great and has a huge desire to learn and be baptized.  wére also teaching this one lady named marlene, who is like 50 something.  she is super sweet and came to church and is going to be baptized in a coule weeks.  But oh my heck we went to teach her and we brought the bishop with us.... worst mistake ever.  He went on and on and on and on and on about subjects that he definitily should not have.  I´m sure it confused the heck out of her.  The bishop really is great and always willing to help us but he needs a little training on what his role is as a member in a lesson.  he should know because he served a mission but i guess not.  que bestia...

i dont have dandruff anymore.  but yeah tons fall out every time i wash it and brush it.  like tons.  it makes me want to cry.  i try to control my stress level but i´m a missionary...... so..... yeah.  it´s kind of inevitable.

yeah, i´ll just buy the peanut butter, no worries.  and the retainer can wait.  it should be fine.

oh but i went to take out money of my travel card and it wouldnt let me.  and then i tried to use it in the store as credit and it wouldnt let me do that either.  it said  RECHAZADO.  DENIED.  so embarassing.  and i didnt have enough cash so i had to buy less.  soooo i dunno why it did that.

the cheese is just gross.  rubbery and the flavor is just not good.

OH MY GOSH I AM SOOOO MAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I SENT A SUPER LONG EMAIL AND IT DIDNT EVEN SEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  AND NOW I´M OUT OF TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

k well know that i love you all!!!!!!

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